Oh Mercy...

The picture that appears by my name right now (July 2010) is the cover of Bob Dylan's 1989 album, Oh Mercy; I have always found it to be a particularly melacholic and atmospheric painting. The painting itself, however, is not me - I am not the sad man in the suit looking away, and obviously I can't be the sorrowful woman because I'm a man. That said, I can feel some of their pathos and pain because I have seen the collapse of social values in my society turn the people I love into people I hate and those I genuinely love I can never be close to. Sometimes the natural and urban beauties in our society are ones that only I appreciate, though I know that others must surely be able to understand and love the fragile delicacy of that which is loveable; in many ways, it's a world gone wrong. However, I digress.

I would upload a picture of myself, but unfortunately, I don't have any particularly great photos of myself. It will be a while before I can bestow Experience Project with my devilishly handsome looks, but for now, I will content myself with abstract paintings. I've always rejected the shallow culture of Facebook and I quit socialising with people in my year in school long ago (I finished school completely a month ago), so it's natural that there aren't many photos floating around of me, but I still have many friends in different walks of life and college will bring photos with it.


Laertes Laertes
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Hi BCBoomer58, I do indeed have a lot more to say, but I refrain from doing so because I would be repeating myself from other pieces I have written on this site. I view each story as a distinct topic and though I bring in other topics when relevant, I normally keep it to a brief allusion, because I risk going off on a tangent. However, if I had decided to continue writing on the social breakdown among my friends, it would look similar to my article on the negative effects of Facebook. It's there for anybody who is curious.<br />
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I'm glad that you found a picture that suits you (I've always found the standard icons rather emotionless). As for me, I don't think there's any harm with using one's own picture for a profile. I know Experience Project encourages anonymity, but I have nothing to hide anyway and "privacy" is a word that means nothing to me (I do, however, believe in secrecy, which is the omission of information without other peoples' knowledge for practical as opposed to emotional reasons). I am in essence the same man in real life as on this site.<br />
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Hi Laertes! I get what you mean about the avatars and do they show the real people. You have a lot more to say to but that's for you to decide. As for me, I 'm rather pc illiterate and was lucky to get the<br />
ocean wave from ep's collection since I don;t know how I did it but I don't care cause it got rid of the bluehead! Since, I have'nt taken time to learn to change it to something else - I have no patience and<br />
jump right in, hence a lot of mistakes. As for others It'sm obvious but if anyone shows their real picture<br />
I feel they are unaware of how it could invade your privacy, as well yor safety! : )