My Avatar Isn't The Real Me.

But then again, I think - or at least I hope - that people already know I'm not a green-haired anime girl without having to ask.

I'll probably change my picture to something else some day and then people that chance upon this post will be wondering what the picture used to be, but I just thought I'd say that I almost never put a real picture of myself up on the internet. Facebook is the exception because I only add people on there that I know, but even there I don't show my face all that often. I'm not ashamed of how I look and I don't consider myself ugly, but nonetheless people tend to judge others by their appearance and I like to avoid that as much as I can... plus I have good reasons for wanting to keep what I post here a secret from those I know in real life.

I am considering adding some photos of myself in a private album, however. It mainly depends on whether I make friends on this website and whether I feel safe doing so, because if I do I'll want them to know what I look like.
tjlkitty tjlkitty
26-30, M
Mar 27, 2012