its me if i was going to post a fake i would have found a pic  of a good looking guy.

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WOW! thanks 1babe

Rick, you are a good looking guy. You have a heart the size of Texas. Good people are always attractive. You give freely of yourself and that makes you beautiful. Anyone who doesn't know you is at a loss.

well of course we'll be friends.....and lets face it i'm everybody's favorite trucker LOL

i plead the 5th allthetime LOL

not true.....adolf hitler was not beautiful in any way shape or form!! of course some may question his humanity LOL

every human is beautiful!

thank you lola

i think your pic is lovely Rick. u have a nice smile! :-)

i must have had a problem after this last comment or i would have answered long ago. truth is i do not feel confident in my skin and i really don't like myself. i try but it never lasts very long because you simply cannot lie to yourself LOL

Rick: "i am feeling better about myself these days."<br />
<br />
Yes women loves a self confident man..of any age and its the question of whether u feel confident in ur own skin or not if you do then others will love u too if dont then not even you will like yourself

Rick, my friend, you are a very handsome man. And super friendly. And that makes you even MORE attractive.

when i first came to EP i was looking for confirmation of what i already believed which was that i thought i was ugly and that no woman would ever be interested in me. so the thought of posting a fake picture never even crossed my mind. i started talking to people (mostly women) and asking their opinions of my picture and all of them were and are very nice. i started thinking to myself that they were just nice people and didn't want to tell me the truth (still feel that way occasionally LOL) but slowly i have started to feel better about myself i no longer think i'm ugly (i don't think i'm particularly attractive but i don't think i scare little children either) through the help of a lot of people on here (and one in particular awaress) i am feeling better about myself these days.

My avatar is me. I guess if i am going to bare my soul in stories i want people to see who i am.

thanks d2l and isis

well done Rick for making this step ....i loved my boyfriend's bike so much that he took a pic of me with it.....i dont look like i like bikes but i do :P

My kids love the movies... :)<br />
<br />
Oh, and on avatar pics I happen to think yours is very nice, Rick! :)

in the book he was part of Frodo Sam Merry and Pippin escaping from the Shire which happened in a completely different way in the book than it did in the movie. still a really good series of movies though and reasonably close to the books

Yeah....where was he??

sure CK you can be Galadriel the character i really want to be wasn't even in the damned movies :-( i want to be Tom Bombadil

Can I claim Galadriel? *giggle*

Pictures??? what pictures????

heeheeheee!!! <br />
<br />
hmmm your lotr character would logically be arwen but then i would have to be aragorn but that is already taken LOL i know i'll be Sam instead and you can be Rosie!!

I dont know my LOTR characters............oh no.<br />
<br />
Rick, honey you know those pictures you are talking about............Just remember what took place and if you ever want that to happen again you will keep everything to yourself. lol

Are we playing LOTR?! Fun!!!

ok i guess if we are going to play lotr i would have to be gimli

do you remember the one i took when you stayed at my place??? i could post that one :-)

I can sell the pics i have though..................... hahaha Not everone has seen them.

CK if i was in the calendar we would never sell any we might have trouble giving them away LOL

hell i gave mine away for free LOL

You wouldn't dare....................... I will sell yours too.

Oh no....your secret is out. Now you must share!! We can make an sexy, naked EP calendar. Artsy nude photos of us EP members!!

pictures for sale!!!

As long as you keep them to yourself I don't care who knows...................:)

just like i'm not supposed to tell about the ones i have of you!!! oops!

hey hey hey!!!! you weren't supposed to tell anyone about that picture LOL

I think you where in the Sexy Trucker Calendar. Wait that is my own naked pic of you...............:)

yeah i was in the 2007 big and fat catalog LOL

Rick....I thought you WERE an obscure model. Go figure.

so that is what you would look like with your hair down huh red?? LOL<br />
<br />
i could change it Josie i have some that are cross looking LOL

This is me *batts eyes*

i didn't say i was ugly just that if i was going to put up a fake i would have found a picture of some obscure model or something LOL

Glad you're smiling. A cross looking picture wouldn't do you justice.<br />
<br />
Mine is me ... in my mind's eye.