Visitor From The Past

I see ghost's! at least they let me see them, the most recent one was my best and least scary of them all infact it was beutifull and worth telling you because I can't tell the people involved, it would most likely distress them or clash hard with their belief system, my partner and I have an18month old son, when having a baby, you like to catch up with people to show them your baby. sometimes people you may not get to see often but it reminds you to see them, late one night when my son was 6months I woke to see a very tall women dressed in a flowing gown leaning over the cot in our room, she was veiwing my son. she noticed me wake, then moved away from the cot, and was several feet in front of the door looking at me. tilted her head slightly and gave a look our eyes met to confirm i see you to each other. This time there was a peacefull feeling eminating from this entitie. Although I did not recognise her she was comming through clear blue energy. a beutifull ghost, she disappeared backward through the door and vanished into nothingness, I remained in bed the whole time, only lifting my head to see this unfold before me. I then went back to sleep. The next morning I told my partner what I saw and asked her if she new who this lady might be, but it turned out, that she was far to tall to be any of her or my grandmothers, or any one we knew who had died so who could it have been?  I wondered on this for months, at some stage, I was trying to locate a family I had grown up with, and hadn't seen for many years I wanted to tell them of my son, and this was when i found out of her passing useing their name led me to a memorial site. I Imediately realised who the latenight visitor was. I left some comforting words on the site tears streaming down my eyes I wanted to tell them about what happend but chose not to, maybe oneday I think it's to soon or maybe they wouldnt eccept it like I would I dont know, but I am gratefull she got to see my son, because she was still alive when I had the thought of takeing my son round to see them and wished I had It made the loss just that little bit easier to deal with rest in peace mis's R,                      oh and I should mention that I'd had an arguement once with her about the existance of ghosts so it is a little ironic really, that's probly why I got that grin from her.
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1 Response Mar 12, 2012

Beautiful story, but what you experienced was your baby's guardian angel watching over them. It made contact with you to let you know that your child was safe. and if it took the form of a family friend or family member , it was to make you more comfortable to the visit, and to let you know that that particular person is aware of the birth.