Hamilton, Ontario

tons of ghost stories here. haunted hospitals, asylums, schools, waterfalls, sanatoriums...all within 15 minutes of where I live...lol...the haunted hospital is like, right across the street...
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Cool. My dad's home town is Hamilton and my uncle is in Burlington. I am very familiar with the area.

that's awesome :D have you even been to any of the haunted places here?

I have been to the waterfalls but I did not know about the ghost legend at the time and did not have an experience there.

which waterfalls? lovers leap? albion??

Lovers leap. I suppose I should have specified. lol

aaahhhh :)

Maybe I can buy you a cup of java next time I am in your neighborhood. :)

that would be awesome :D

:D Great.


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