Am I a Pedo?

I have an armpit fetish. I love smooth silky female underarms. My wife is supportive of that but shes got quite a rough armpit if u know what i mean. My daughter Carrie turned 11 a day ago and i noticed how smooth and silky her underarms are. My wife says i could ask her to let me lick her armpits or i could wait til shes fast asleep and do it. Wat do i do?
Gohou Gohou
11 Responses Jun 6, 2009

YOU ARE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wife trust him and she will be around to make sure he will only be licking the armpit. Leave this man alone! Keep your self-"righteousness" to yourself. He has not done anything wrong. I see the hell's breaking loose on you people about this.

If thats ok with you then something is seriously wrong with you as well.She's 13 years old for crying out loud!



In my country its 16+

You best be trolling you sick disgusting fukc! Keep it 18+

i just read your **** and have contacted the police and dcf. You are a disgusting stupid *********. God will punish you far greater than the police will, but until the day of your judgement, your child should be taken out of your sick twisted dirty sight and given to a family that will LOVE her. She is 11. She is your Daughter. I don't know who is sicker, you or your wife. Repressed ******* ignorant freaks.

what the hell? don't do that man. go and have sex with a woman with smooth armpits or just lick your wife's hairy armpits, it's better for you

What the hell, man.

wow, that is the sickest **** anything could think of doing

Well i waitd 4 her to fall aslp n den i touchd her armpit. N gave it a few licks n she ddnt wake up.

Yes that is molestation! Anything sexual or sensual like that IS!I hope your not serious.Don't You realize that You could scar Her for life?,If She wakes up by You licking Her....Gross man!How in the world could You even ask this Question?