Not So Funny.

I hate clowns. they creep me out! Ever since i went & seen the movie "it" i got even more terrified of them. Ever since i was really little, clowns were always scary 2 me, but after seeing "it" well, i'll just say that clowns r one of my biggest fears. I don't see anything funny about them! I remember on my 7th b-day, my aunt had a clown come perform @ my b-day party & i basically pissed my pants & locked myself in my room 4 the rest of the day. That was probably the worst b-day party i have ever had!!!!

ever had! Well, one thing went good, they knew 2
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Clowns do look pretty scary and I so wish sometimes they could just be themselves without all the makeup. I don't mind their performance and they would be pretty cool if weren't for their makeup