I Sure Am

The 2010 Winter Olympics  will be starting tomorrow and I will be glued to the TV watching Canada raking in the gold. It will also bring a lot of money to my Province for years to come because when the Olympic spectators from all around the world see how spectacular BC is they will vacation here year after year. Cheers!

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7 Responses Feb 11, 2010

i figured it out finally!!!! watched the sweden-switzerland womens game.....canada will blow them both off the ice LOL

ihaveanameitsrick – I was thinking if you are still having troblable finding Internet coverage <br />
of the Olimpics you could try the CBC. <br />
They will have consent coverage plus video features of the day - probally some hockey ones. <br />
I don’t think I can post links on EP so if you Google – CBC + Olympics – you will find it. Cheers!

god does that mean you actually have to talk to....each other....like face to face?????

Probably less than most people -- we don't have a TV or Internet connection at home. (Entirely our choice, I might add, we keep our house low-tech)

i've been trying to figure out how to watch them on my computer but it keeps asking for my password which as far as i know i don't have one and when i try clicking on forgot password it tells me it doesn't recognize my email address LOL

Ya – hockey is the only game I tried to get tickets for but hey went quick and they were quite expensive so I will be watching them on TV with 6 pack of Old Milwaukee. Cheers!

i plan to watch as much of the best hockey tournament in the world!!!! i think its sad that this may be the last year they allow the NHL pla<x>yers to play