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I believe in God because I would never have made it this far with out a helping hand.  We are on a course, we make our detours and side track thing, but he is always there!  He takes some of our dearest away and he give us some new, dear friends.  But he is always there.  If you look around you, you will see for yourself.

Some people believe only in self and they will never see.

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Socrates said the uneximened life is not worth living. Never be afraid to question your deepest held beliefs, if they can't withstand your own questions what good are they?

I question my non-belief. I come to the conclusion that in the face of the # of all gods man has invented over time (and that carrie rejects) I cannot see how any 1 religion has any more chance of being the right one than any other. Maybe the greeks were right and there are gods on Mount Olympus. Maybe my ancestors were right and there are spirits in everything in nature. Maybe carrie's right. Maybe Tom Cruise is.... to me, all of those notions carry the exact same validity. Others find validity in their flavor of belief. And so they came to your group to tell the world :) <br />
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It will always go in circles, people will believe what they believe, whether they have good reasons to or not. If there were a way to resolve the debate, it would have ended centuries ago.

If you all have questions about which one is right, maybe you have to wait till the end and find out then! I don't have questions! Accepted whuttup!

But thou shall ask why people believe what they believe, shouldn't we? Is it bad for a person of faith to question themselves? I understand not attacking people for their faith, but if we don't discuss it, then what's the point? Perhaps all the posts in this group should be pats on the back or nothing at all. Everyone gets so worked up about our collective ignorance of death. <br />
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If I made you uncomfortable, Carrie, I am sorry.

how do I know I'm right? Have you ever heard of proof, attestation, confirmation, corroboration, documentation, evidence, substantiation, testament, testimony, validation, witness?

Religions are being watered down by the tide of modernity. Most people who proclaim to be a person of faith really has a fuzzy, personal notion of what God is. It's no longer the rock solid belief of the bearded man in the sky, many people say they believe in Jesus and God but really they believe in more abstract concepts, such as a benevolent force. <br />
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As for your comment about Islam, stevester, the Muslim faith has not gone through the same modernization process that most sects of Christianity has. Heck, most Christians today condemn the Old Testament and have the galling notion that all people and genders are equal. Such crazy modern notions go against all of the misogyny and slavery endorsed throughout the Bible. <br />
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Islam is isolated from the world, however. They have not integrated scientific discoveries into their faith, they are still preaching and believing in the same silly things that they preached and believed back in the dark ages. Be careful if you criticize it, though. Remember, Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say it isn't, they'll kill you.

Not sure we're ur coming from on this last one. But I am totally sure of anything. On the balance of probabilities and with the evidence before me I don't see god as the answer. also my exposure to religions over the years has made me wary of their message. Jihad springs to mind. I regret the things done in the name of religion and do not accept the lame excuse that god gave man free will. Intolerance is the by word of so many religions and yet the dogma of all of them is explicit in accepting the views of others. oh sorry on that last one Islam doesn't have a lot of time for the infidels and up until a few years ago the Catholic Church still had the inquisition on the books, and they were not very tolerant.

So what make you think you are right, it seem lately we make our God soemething that we want and then say thats our religion. If it agrees with me, its OK!

Yeh Gf evolution is still a bit patchy

The BBC reported today on one of our earlier ancestors, a fish who reproduced by keeping its eggs within its body, this fish lived about 359 million years ago. <br />
it truly breaks my heart that after 359 million years and scads of genetic mutations leading up to the creatures we are today, with minds and thoughts and belly buttons, that after all this work we would read "But I believe my God goes far beyond any of these other Gods." <br />
I am going fetal now

It's easy, stevester, just don't think about it too much and you'll be fine.

The problem I have is the Bible contradicts itself in many places. The Quran is the bible of Islam and it uses the same base material as the Christian bible but places such a differing interpretation on it to give a completely different religion. Not only a different faith but a culture so different from christianity as to be always driven to conflict with that religious and others. Judaism precedes Christianity and the Talmud as their bible coincides to a great degree with Christians Old Testament. When I look these similarities I see an evolution of faiths based upon man's interpretation of history. So to then take the step that the billions of people who read one part of the story o were subjected to the teaching of one part of the story and are condemned for eternity it anathema to me. I can't sign up to that.

I believe that I am right in my choice and believe it is backed up in the bible. You are right that we will believe what ever we were brought upon. But I believe my God goes far beyond any of these other Gods.<br />
The ward is there and they have to make their own choice, and in the end someone will be wrong.

Does it not trouble you to realize that if you had been born in Saudi Arabia, you would "know" that Christianity is false and that Islam is the true religion of God? <br><br />
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Faith, it seems for most people, is an accident of birth. <br><br />
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There are almost 7 billion people on the planet. Of those, over a billion are Christian, and over a billion are Muslim. The other four billion + have different religions or none at all. <br><br />
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If you are right, then the Muslims and other 5 billion people will burn in hell for all eternity, for they will not accept Jesus as their lord and savior. <br><br />
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If the Muslims and the Koran are right, then the other 5 billion people (including you and I) will burn in hell for eternity for we will not accept Allah as God. <br><br />
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Don't these facts bother you, or at least give you pause to wonder...maybe you're wrong?

I was brought up as a Christian and have never believed in another God. To me there is only one.<br />
The Bible is there to read, and many will question it, but I don't. My life has been up and down and without help from someone or something to believe in, I definately woldn't be here. I choose my God because the proof is there for me.

Those thoughts must give you comfort in tough times. I enjoy no such luxury. For me, this is it. <br />
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I do wonder, if you don't mind me asking, how you decided which god to believe in? You most likely know that Zeus is not real, but people used to be just as convinced that he did exist, they believed just as much as you do. What about Allah? He's got similar proof of his existence as your god. <br />
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Too many choices for me.