Yes, I believe in God, more than I do anything else. I believe because I've made it this far by his grace. I've been in situations that I thought I'd never get through. I've just wanted simple things, I've prayed-and it happened. I've been in bad situations *by my own doings* and God turned in my favor. I can't imagine Atheists who wake up, and just start their day, no praying, no thanking God for waking them-nothing. How can you be in a tough situation-and not have the comfort of knowing that you've got God on your side? I guess it's fine once you've turned to a reprivated mind.

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dansktex-<br />
Look i'm no here to debate anything. I believe in God-you don't, which is fine. You have your reasonings and I have mine. No need to keep coming back defending something that was never even asked. You don't believe, i totally understand. That's your business. Share your story(if you already haven't) so other atheists can voice their opinions. Thanks.

I believe in a greater force Not necessarily a god or the God. And One rule I live by every day:" Do upon Others what you wish that others do for you"

If you need religion to avoid a feeling of emptiness inside, then it fulfills a personal need of your own. I do not feel such an emptiness. That is why tolerance is so important. It is fine with me for you to be religious. And I would hope that people like you who are religious would be fine with my not being religious. I'm not naive, though. I support the Freedom from Religion Foundation because so many of the religious would prefer that I not have the right to be non-religious. As I often "joke" to friends, there are many Christians in America who would really like this nation to become the Christian Republic of America. (To understand what I mean by that, think: People's [meaning Communist] Republic of China or Islamic Republic of Iran.)

THANK YOU c8lorraine. I mean, what's the big deal of worshiping him? But, if God is not true (lol yeah right) then what's the big deal? It's comforting in knowing he's there through thick and thin.

If my belief in God is unfounded and there is no afterlife....then I've just wasted a bit of time.<br />
<br />
However, if it turns out that there is a GOD and an afterlife......you atheists are in BIG trouble !<br />
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I like to think of it as fire insurance if you may !

I had no idea,,,because I don't remmber what you were talking about,,,I am sorry if I have given you this empression,,,I have a very crazy relationship with God,,,it is a very personal one,,,however, I do have a close relationship with him...well love and light mary,,,ps if you remmber please let me know what it was about,,,thanks

adaris1889-<br />
beleive in who you believe in. live your life the way you want. thats fine. i understand your ..beliefs

maryomaga3-<br />
hmm...well i gotta terrible memory, what were we talking about, what was my reason for saying that.

Yes lost prophet, you told me a couple of days ago that I did not know God,,,love mary

cowshed123-<br />
the best to you

i believe in god!! i was broughtt up catholic!! i dont go to church or anything like that, maybe at christmas time and so on!! but i still pray sometimes and all that, and i just think that its better to believe in something after life, cos i wouldnt like it if for example i had a terminal illness or something, and i didnt believe in afterlife!! that would be terrible!! at least if you believe in somethin after life, its a bit more comforting, than just thinking that theres nothing!!

thank you! my reason for saying i dont understand how a Atheist just blunders through the world without any guidance or nothing to look forward to or anything. Oh well.. thanks for commenting.

Do i believe in god? Yes!<br />
Why? Because I have Faith as a mustard seed!<br />
<br />
I couldn't imagine my life without God's guiding hand gently showing me the way........

mary, <br />
<br />
you talkin to me?

dansktex<br />
<br />
well i know i'd feel empty inside. i'd feel like there was a piece missing ..

Once you said to me that I do not know God,,,well I just want you to know that I am so grateful that you do not know me,,,because I do know God,,,He talks to me everyday,,,,So why did you say that anyway,,,did you read something you did not like,,,,love and light make everything alright,,,,mary

I am an atheist. I have no problem living my life without thoughts of a god, without expecting someone else to solve my problems, etc. I reason, I plan, I react, etc. At age 63, I've never had major illnesses, major catastrophes, etc. I have been successful at all I have attempted in life. I retired at 53. I've traveled around the world 9 times. I have had a great love of my life. And I expect to live another 25-35 years. I am not worried about an afterlife, because I don't expect one. I am living this life.


I do, too!

THANK YOU!!! <br />
Some, i pray, will come to terms that they are absolutely NOTHING without God. After all, the devil's against you, you don't have God to help you-what do you have? Ideas that you're God? Lol. I don't know about others, but he's the Center of my life, beginning and end. <br />
Thanks for that!

I agree - Praise our Heavenly Father! God is all!<br />
<br />
I found this quote - I thought I'd share as I think you might enjoy reading it too (although you probably already know this...) :-)<br />
<br />
God wants you to have love, joy and peace in your heart, and He wants, as the God of miracles, to get involved in your life and prove Himself (His love) to you in so many ways.<br />
<br />
God is the maker of all good things. He is the greatest artist of all. He gave good things to be enjoyed. True there are some things which feel good at the time to get into - but God is against them because in the end they will destroy you. Don't think that God is mean. God is generous. If he was evil as some think, he could have destroyed everything and everyone already. But he is waiting for people to come to their senses, to have a change of heart, to come back to Him. He really deserves to be the center of our lives. He deserves to be loved.

...and Jesus. Thank you for your comment! :)

yes i believe in god too and always have!