So Tell Me.... No Limits Other Than Keep Away From The Hate Stuff

I've read a number of these invitations and now and then run into the "old man perv" phrasing. I wonder if people think that sex stops at 30. It did for me at 39 - so far - and i don't intend for that to be my epitaph. So call me an old perv if you must, but understand that I've lived the life of a monk for far too long and am trying to reclaim who I used to be.

So let loose. I'm a middle aged, decent, smart, reasonably sane guy, starving for touch and play. I'm at your disposal. Now it's your turn....
Hungryguy Hungryguy
51-55, M
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Only if I get to shoot a load down your throat....