I Am Very Interested In What Could Happen.

Since I have joined Experience Project, it has been hinted what would happen to me, if given the opportunity.

Now is the time, to let me know what to expect if I made myself available, to anyone, or everyone.

Please I need to know.

Pamken Pamken
41-45, F
6 Responses Feb 24, 2010

well pam, first i would have you put your hands up above your head, folding them around your head. i would tell you not to let them move in any way. then i would ask if you have any protection. when you tell me that you have a diaphram in, reach in and remove it. not you are ready for real sex. i insert my ****, no protection and put my arms underneath your body, hands caressing your shoulders, **** you uncontrolably and *** inside your ****. my potent seed inside you.

what do you like , honey??

I would do anything and everything to/for you, whatever you want...

I would say...expect fun, laughter, naughtiness, and unlimited new experiences.

My dear, I agree with Jrh and dorobo. <br />
If something is possible for me to please you, i'll do it for you!! If you want to spank me, i will take it. So it's 100% up to you.

I would please you both physcially and emotionally! I would do only things that you are comfortable with!