Somethings Are Just Meant To Be...

It was Junior year and Prom season was flaring up*. Posters up everywhere, tickets being purchased, tuxedos and dresses reserved and decorations being put up. I was just strolling along to the office to deliver something or other to the school counselor. I can't quite recall my attire of choice for that particular day but you can bet your bottom dollar I was turning heads. So, I swing open the door and take a step inside and what's there greeting me? The Prom night props in a nice little inconspicuous card board box. Hmmm... I just slip on over to it, take an inquisitive peek inside and lo and behold: The prom queen tiara. Score. Chance to live the dream, if only for a second. I take a glance around to make sure I'm alone to revel in my moment of glory. Coast is clear. I pop it on. I will later testify to those who ask me about the event that I was standing in a shimmering pillar of lights and glitter while an orchestra and choir played a harmonious note. I smile, I strike a victory pose and then I... turn around just in time for the door to open and one of the smart alek skater boys is about to step in but he sees me, looks at the tiara and then, with an expression of awe and a tone of voice akin to a prophet receiving a revelation, he says "Oh, ****! It's the princess of darkness!" and thus, I was known as such henceforth and still to this very day.

*Check out "Rebel Rebel" for a little backstory to this specific event and a LOT of backstory to me.
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May 17, 2012