Quite Frequently On Personal Travel.

One of the perks of traveling for business is that some companies will allow the employee to keep the frequent flyer miles earned for their trips.  I was very lucky to work for one such company.  I have had several upgrades on flights. It really wouldn't matter whether I was sitting in First Class or Coach to me, and in fact, other than the seat size, free drinks and movies, and leg room there is really not that much difference in the two sections but for some reason I always try to get that upgrade.

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I am not sure how it all works but I do know that some companies have corporate accounts with airlines and rental car companies and because they do so much business with the companies they get a special rate. i know in the rental section it always said we got "fleet rate' because there was always someone flying from one country to another and renting cars which meant they were spending a lot of money.

oh... thanks for explaining that to me! now it makes a LOT of sense. 0_o<br />
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why did i think that companies can't be in frequent flyer programs too? i thought they were just going to waste them and not let the employees keep them to be mean just because the ticket costs didn't come from the employee's own pocket...

The company i worked for changed their way of handling air miles right before i left but what he is saying i think is that if a manager chooses the more expensive flight to get air miles and then the company isn't recirculating those miles to get cheaper flights for the business travel they are taking money out of the shareholders' pockets that should be going to dividends. I figure i was working 60 to 70 hours a week for a 40 hour salary so I would take any perks offered to offset that. Thank goodness I don't work that many hours now but i have to pay for my own flights. :(

@zultfrog (or anyone who can answer): why is it unethical for offices to let their employees keep miles? i thought George Clooney got to keep his miles in Up In The Air and it was never questioned?<br />
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i'm not asking you because i think it IS ethical (like i'm challenging you), i'm genuinely asking you WHY (the reason) because i've never heard of this rule before (ever). even though i've been in the workforce for 5 years now!<br />
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i mean i get that choosing an expensive flight (with air-miles) over a cheaper flight (without air-miles) would be bad for the employer, but what if they both cost the same? why can't people keep the miles, they're just miles?

MT, It is because you are so into your wife and that is just so adorable. <br />
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History, And you know I tell you anytime you feel hoppy top hop on board baby. LOL<br />
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Rog, I can see where that would be abused. We had set guidelines and if you didn't accept the lowest price trip you had to provide documentation at the VP level why you didn't or you paid the difference out of pocket.

I would love to give you an upgrade on a flight ;)

I have only been upgraded a couple of times if the first class cabin has got some room. I save up my points though so I fly my wife home to see her family, or similar type of travel for others.<br />
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Coach isn't too bad domestically for a couple hour flight, however if I have to travel to Asia then that might be a different story. <br />
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My company, until just recently, bought business class seats for any flight that was over 8 hours but not with the economy and the cost cutting it is now coach unless you upgrade on your miles.<br />
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Hope I don't have to go to Asia for a while.

I like the Exit row seats or to be in the back of the plane altogether but mine is for a different reason rather than the extra room. I have this theory that you really don't hear how a plane BACKED into a mountain. It is always that they dived nose first into it. It may only give me an extra second to live but I belive that every second counts. lol