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South Beach

I have not been there yet but i really want to go soon, has any one heard about it or have been there so i can talk to you about it i really want my first topless beach expereince to be both fun and exciting please help if you can
peaches16 peaches16 18-21, F 2 Responses May 2, 2012

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When I went to visit my cousins in Denmark, one day we went to the beach, I took a swimming costume, but my cousin,who's female and was 16 at the time, just ******** in front of me, I always had a thing about girls panties and got a ***** as soon as I saw them, she giggled and said come on, let me see you too, I was really slowly undressing, by this time she was naked, so I ******** and grabbed my costume, she pinched it and ran off,I was so embaressed.

I live in Miami and used to live on south beach, I'm still young and not allowed on it but older friends tell me that, well its just people naked I mean not just good looking people but fat,gay,transvestite,and steroid junkies. It's just the way were supposed to be we just choose to wear clothes.