The First Time ...

I was fourteen years old, and it was the summer school holiday. We were staying with my aunt's family in south Devon, and spent most of the time on a small beach near her home. One day I was engaged in that peculiar English pastime of trying to remove a wet bathing costume with one hand while protecting my modesty by holding a towel with the other. My aunt laughed and said I should get my father to take me to Pilchards Cove where I wouldn't need to do that. I asked her why and she told me it was a nude beach so I'd have no problems with a wet bathing costume. I was bit embarrassed hearing her talk about it, but she went on - asked me if I'd ever swum naked in the sea. I admitted that I hadn't and she told Father he should take me.
Somewhat to my surprise he did just that - a couple of days later. He parked the car and we walked down a path to the beach and I was amazed to see so many people - all naked and behaving completely naturally. Father undressed and sat on a towel - obviously he'd done it before. He grinned at me and told me I was the only one wearing clothes, so I undressed too. I was used to being naked at school, but not in front of a hundred complete strangers, so I sat on the towel and tried to be inconspicuous. At that age I was slim and athletic with a nice golden tan, so there was nothing to be ashamed of. Gradually, the atmosphere of the place got to me and I began to relax -did as Father did and lay back in the sun. I knew that he was very well-endowed and I'd seen him aroused at home, but somehow the sight of his penis lying big and fat in the sunshine took me by surprise. It wasn't the fact that he was naked, or even that he was well on the way to becoming aroused - it was his complete unconcern that fascinated me. He saw me looking, and explained that nudists were not embarrassed by their own bodies - becoming aroused when sunbathing was completely natural and nothing to be embarrassed about. I was amazed - this was a father I'd never known before. He told me that he and my aunt had been here many times when they were younger, but he'd stopped coming when he married my mother - she did not approve of such goings-on at all.
He looked down at my genitals and smiled - I was no longer soft either.
He told me to watch the other men and boys - I'd see what he meant. I looked, and of course he was right. A group of boys my own age were playing with a beach ball - all completely unconcerned that some were flaccid while one or two most decidedly were not. The ball landed close to me and without thinking I jumped up, retrieved it and threw it hard at the nearest boy. He grinned and said "Thanks - do you want to play?" Moments later I was running around, totally unfazed by my nudity. After a while Father called out and asked if I'd like a swim. As we walked down the beach a tall bronzed man came striding out of the water. There were three striking things about him - he was deliciously endowed, he was shaved, and he was fully erect. I thought he was the most impressive thing I'd ever seen. Father saw me looking and smiled.
"You see what I mean about nudists?"
I smiled back.
Going naked into the cool water was simply wonderful, and the feeling of complete freedom as I swam - a revelation.
"Makes you never want to swim in a costume again, doesn't it?"
We were treading water a hundred yards from the beach, looking back at all those nude people.
"I'm so glad you brought me here"
"I thought it was time"
I went closer, put my arms round his neck and hugged him.
"Love you Dad"
"Love you too"
I felt part of him touch my thigh. Nice.
"Shall we go in?"
"Yes - but I'm going to be like that man was"
"That's alright - shows you're enjoying yourself"
We laughed together and swam for the shore.
I felt a moment of self-consciousness as I walked out of the shallows - I was still nicely aroused after that tender moment out in the sea. But then I looked at Father - he was just the same - only rather more so - and totally unconcerned.
We got back to the towels and dried off in the sun.
After a while Father looked down at my penis. Still three-quarters hard.
He knew the signs - the same thing happened when he caned me.
"I know what you need, but not here. Not with ladies watching. Go to the back of the beach - behind the rocks"
I got to my feet and did as he suggested - went to the rocky area. Which was when I discovered another thing about nude beaches. Those rocky bits are where the men and boys go for other pleasures. There were three boys there - ones that I had played ball with.
All naked.
All deliciously erect.
All looking at my penis, which for reasons I couldn't quite explain had become rock-hard.
"Hello Chris, we thought you'd end up here - saw you come out of the water with that nice stiffy"
He reached for me and stroked. I did the same to him.
"Yes - very nice.  Pull me right back and do it hard - Oh that's lovely ...."
This was familiar territory.

I got back to the towels - minus my erection.
"Was that nice?"
"Yes thanks"
"Other boys there too?"
"I'm sure that made it nicer"
The taste was still in my mouth, and I liked that.
"Yes - It did"
He turned to me and smiled.
"I was your age once - and had all the same urges"
Suddenly I understood.
Not just the same urges.
We were the same.
"Yes Dad - I know"

My first day on a nude beach - just perfect.
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3 Responses Jun 8, 2012

i got hard reading this!
what a wonderful experience!

correction: i got off reading it!
the load was delicious!

They were a regular feature of my life at that age - both at home and at school. Most times I was caned naked, and the anticipation always made me very hard. I always thought that helped to take the pain ...

Thank you foar a lovely story which brought back many similar memories. I had to find my own way though, my father didn't help at all. I liked the passing mention of caning erections .....