A Very Liberating Beach Experience Indeed!

I have been to a nudist beach because my girlfriend ‘double dared’ me. Funny…she went to though…without hesitation (no dare needed). Both of us had never been to one, but she had a biting curiosity that made me, for some reason, feel like she knew what was going on. When we get there, sure enough…buck naked and birthday-suited people going about their beachly business. A couple that was somewhat next to us, leaned over to get something out of their ice chest…I covered my eyes and looked away. This is when my girlfriend and I had a serious case of the ‘never done this before’ giggles. The funny thing is that we looked VERY out of place, as we were the only ones with clothes on. People were looking at us oddly. I never thought I would be put in the position of taking my clothes off to feel normal. Let me tell you, if you’ve never done this…you really should try it. Certain nudist beaches, I’m told are better then others in terms of the types of people that go there. For the most part, people just don’t give two tosses about the frivolity of clothes. Some do have ‘those kind of men’. However, they (according to regular nudists) are few and far between because most nudists (the purists) simply don’t want clothes and ‘are done with textiles’. They have long since gotten over that remedial thought that the body is just used for sex, or should be looked at with just that in mind. Personally, I found that liberating and really wanted to get my feet wet with the experience. I mean, imagine going in the waves with just your birthday suit, a smile and a warm breeze to invisibly wrap around your body. That sounds fantastic…playful and innocent really. To enjoy nature while being completely au naturale…fantastic!

Mrs. Brave Friend that dared me was still having trepidation about her bikini. I had taken off my mini skirt cover up and was about to do the top when a moment of pause came over me. However, once I pulled the string on my top left shoulder…the top was pretty much off. That was an adjustment. Pretty big adjustment I might add. The breeze felt different. Nervousness and a thought of ‘what the hell am I doing’ crossed my mind. I tried not to look around to see any eyes looking at me…a few gazes, but nothing to write home about. Next…the big time…the bikini bottoms (yikes and gulp). Let me tell you something. When you are in a crowd of people randomly scattered about and you are thinking of going fully NUDE, you will have some trepidation going through your head doing this for the first time. After a silent ‘gulp’ moment…one string pull….bottoms slipped to mid thighs. I thought, well, it’s pretty much a done deal now and quickly slipped them off as to not prolong the process. The beauty about being at the beach is that you can quickly lay down and voila…half your body is covered up really. My friend was having some second thoughts…couldn’t BELIEVE IT…Mrs. Giving Me Crap About How I Would Chicken Out (honestly!). She had part of her top off (not really though) and her bottoms were glued on her. Those thighs were snugging those bottoms like their life depended on it! When I was laying down looking up at her, I just turned away so she could acclimate herself (on her damn dare I might add!).

When I laid down on my tummy and just felt the breeze and heard those muffled sounds of the waves and random voices enjoying themselves on a sunny day, it was euphoric kind of. Personally…it felt amazing…really, really amazing! There was something so incredible about how that felt, it really left an impression on me. I could go on a spiritual thing, because it got that way for me. There wasn’t that sex stuff, or feeling like…‘is everyone looking at me’. It was like I was in my own little world. My hands sort of played with the warm sand, my butt felt great just being out in the open having that summer breeze kiss it here and there. Great stuff. Also, once the nervousness subsides it was quite peaceful, and if I may say…innocent really. We were born this way, then the clothes came. There is something to be said about just being totally natural and feeling that yummy warm summer air all over you, while your hands and feet feel the comforting soft sand. If you’re daring, and have never done this before. Find a reputable beach and just go for it. You will be amazed at how you feel and maybe learn a few things about yourself. I personally became far less concerned about being nude out in the open. It seemed to make complete sense to me, as this is how we are made. Loved it! Also, going in the ocean naked is probably one of the best things to feel. When you come out and lay on your towel nude and wet, waiting for the sun to naturally dry you…it’s not only liberating, it just feels very, very right. This is how it’s supposed to be really.

It’s an interesting thought, that actually textiles have made us sexualize the body more. When it’s out in the open and seen all the time, it just becomes no big deal. I’ve only done this a few other times, however I really can’t put a price on how that made me feel. I highly recommend at least trying it once in your lifetime.
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Wow, nice post. This really just confirmed everything i had assumed about doing this for the first time. I am quite a spiritual person and the idea just seems so right. Your post has really made me excited about trying this out, I will definitely try it soon. Can't wait!

Wife and I have nudists since we got married twenty years ago. We spent our honeymoon at nude resort and had a fantastic time. It was a huge place, spanning over 200 acres, with walking trails, a huge pond with a beach, swimming and canoeing. It also had a public building with pool tables, and games, and a heated swimming pool. We spent four days without a stitch of clothing on. It was incredible.

Amazing story.. could you tell us the beaches that you have been to

It's just the best feeling in the world

It just feels so liberating to be completely naked and swimming. Thank you for your story.

Absolutely! Public nudity is so exhilerating. I've been in groups of naked friends all swimming, sunning and joking, and it's truly so relaxing.
Once I took a friend who's a girl (not my gf) to a nude beach. She was intrigued -- had never been -- so when we got there I ******** off everything ... but she kept her bikini on! I couldn't be mad at her 'cause she was my bf, but I kept trying to get to to at least take off her top. She wouldn't but she enjoyed walking along the shore with me ... she checked out everyone, including me! I really enjoyed it.

I always walk around the house nude. I just love the feel without any clothing. It's like you're free! I'm dying to try out a nude beach on our next vacation. Still trying to talk my wife into it! Thank you for sharing. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Thought about exploring a nude beach for a long time. Heard there was a nude beach not far from my summer house in south jersey. Me and a few of my male friends talked about taking a trip to the beach. When all us guys are together we laugh about anything and everything. I decided there was no way I could go with this group. However, one of the things that kept me from even try is........what if I had an erection right from the get go. Not worrying about beingembarrassed about size of the erection.........just standing there with a woody. I'm sure I wouldn't be the first person to do this but........I just can't take the chance

I do know what you mean, and it's a part I left out of my story because I didn't want to 'crass it up'. However, yes, we did see that. It's an odd thing when you see someone look at you...then...that. However, you just go about your business. It's just the body reacting naturally...ok...it's really not that big of a deal. It was kind of funny though, when my girlfriend and I went into the water, there were about three guys that were also headed to the water. Upon getting fully covered in the ocean water...um...well...let's just say we saw what they were sporting. HA! That's an image I won't forget. Everyone just laughed though, because, what are you going to do. It's not like they were close to us, but it's just saying, we're human. That's the part that I don't think people get because we live in such an uptight society in regards to things of a s.exual nature. There are tasteful limits to things and then there is just uptight and that's what bothers me as it's a perfectly acceptle form of expression that I hope we all enjoy. Yet...the contrast is that you have this uptight society, scooping up that remedial book 50 Shades of Grey and making it a NY Times bestseller...outselling the Harry Potter books...so...go figure. Look at it this way...what is the worst that could happen. People see it, big whoop...or, how about this...even better for you...you get a date out of it ;}

Holy Christ you're funny. I can see it now.......'Hello, I'm vickie, I see you like the water as much as I do. Something about being on this warm beach and being wet'. Well vickie....nice to meet you. I do like that feeling. Would you like to go shopping tonight? I need a new bathing suit.

The other part of my post....going with my friends.........That just coul not happen.
Still laughing about date.

I would not go with your friends...that I would agree with. But wouldn't it be a riot if you met someone, the 'oops moment' happens...you end up getting a date, falling in love...HAHAH,...the 'how did you guys meet' story would be funny ;}

maybe I'll give it a go on www.enudistbeach.com - Hm, no suntan lotion needed, sell ebeer, econdoms.

Any laughing = eassbeatin. Not sure what to charge though..by the inch or by the pound.

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I think you captured the first time experience real well. A lot of people that have tried it felt the same way (including my wife & I).

Thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate your nice comment. It is indeed a nice expeirence...I LOVED IT!

Yeah, our first time was over forty years ago and we're still naked (when convenient).

Great story, I remember my first time, and remember the gulp and then going for it dropping my swim truncks!!! I love being naked in the sun with others

That gulp moment...phew. Luckily I just said, 'ok, I'm getting this over with quick' made that discomfort move on quickly. It really cracked me up though, while I'm going through with the dare...the person who dared me totally got nervous...that was a fun day though and a great experience. I'm glad I did it.

Glad you did it to!!! Sorry about your friend!!! Have you been since? It is very nice and relaxing

I went skinny dipping this summer...if that counts, but it wasn't like we laid ourselves nude out on a towel, it was nude swimming...then a run for the towel at shore. I never knew this but in a national forest you can go nude...I have dared SO many friends we've gone hiking with to just do it...but nope, we all don't budge...plus that would be just weird, you can only do that with certain people. I really want to find a spot where I can though...it was so nice.

Where are you from? Are near someplace that you can>

Well...to be honest...anyone 'could'...you know what I wish...I wish I had an ocean in my backyard...that wold be handy!

I am in midwest, I would love an ocean in my backyard too!!!

I'm a beach adorer...have to have a coastline!

I agree!!! Would love to go to nude beach with you

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Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!

It WAS!!!!! Honestly...I really do recommend you try it just once. It's FUN!

Oh! I've been a naturist for over 20 years. It's how God intended us to be? It makes me sad for the Textiles, what they are missing: the tingling sensations of the wind on the skin, or how raindrops feel as they roll down your body. You never realize just how delicately sensitive the parts of the body are that our Puritanical Society teaches us are shameful. I'm left asking "If they're so shameful, why did God put them on us?" The body isn't shameful. Sex isn't shameful. It's the religious fanatics that made the way God created us a sin.That's a lot for me, because I'm a Christian. The difference between me and most other Christians, though, is that I've read the Bible for what it says, not to reinforce what I was told it says. There is not ONE single ban on public nudity in the Bible. So, enjoy the gifts that God gave us and enjoy being nekkid all over :)

<p>Nice story - you make me want to be a nudist. Never thought about it till now but your story romanticises the notion of a freedom that I have yet to experience. And I am still smiling :) </p>

It's really nice...not at all like what I thought. Being out in the open like that is indeed liberating, you should try it at least once just so you can see how it is. I bet once you get over the embarrassment, you will love it :}

I enjoyed your story as it is very well written. I'm glad you enjoyed your first nude beach experience and I hope you continue to do so. From the first time I experienced it, I have not looked back since ;)

I can see from your profile pic to your username you do enjoy it. You know since I've written this story I've often thought about doing it again...it was just so darn fun! Did you know you can go nude in National parks? I had no idea! I can't imagine doing it, but how cool if you found a semi-secluded lake to have fun in :}

I don't frequent National Parks so I did not know that. But that is definitely good to know and yes, that would be a lot of fun!

Whenever I find a beach, a lake, or really wherever I feel its ok to get nude, I do. I just love being nude out in the sun.

It's a bit of a different feeling being nude at a nude beach vs being nude at a semi secluded lake. The first makes you feel out of place being clothed and the second the opposite. But for me, being nude in a place where nudity isn't as common makes it more exciting ;)

Yes it is funny being someplace and the people with something on are the abnormal ones. I will also admit that having a conversation with a stranger nude is almost like an out of body experience.

I had a brief conversation with a mom and her husband...I tell ya...since it was my first experience the need to just briefly look down made me feel so moronic. But I mean...it's just there. I will say, once you get used to it, that goes away. I need to do this again. I really liked the feeling of the water around me and then laying out in the sun to dry off.

Because I do a LOT of coastwalking I inevitably chance upon the odd nudist beach here and there. It's not such an attractive prospect in my country because there are only about 4 days a year when it is actually warm enough to sit on the beach with nothing on. When I do chance upon one, like you I immediately feel embarrassed for being clothed - and doubly so because I usually have a camera strapped around my neck which suddenly feels like a lead weight. Still I have to say that of the nudist beaches I have chanced upon, I have felt no craving whatsoever to use my camera...

Hey...note to self...nudists may not like seeing a camera out and pictures taken of them...HAHAHA!!! I would die if I saw someone do that to me...no fair. You should try it though at least once in your life...I'm telling you, going in the beach nude is fantastic...very refreshing. I think now that I've experienced it, I can honestly say that nature felt GREAT. When you can feel the air around you and then dry off in the sun...fantastic :}

You make it sound so cool.

It really is. Once you remove not only your clothes, but the 'hey is this going to be weird' and just realize how natural it is...it's AMAZING! I mean...think about going in the ocean nude and then laying off to let the sun dry you...how awesome and peaceful. I really liked it.

I've often been curious about nude beaches, but I think I'd be too nervous if ever really presented the opportunity. You're a brave soul =^)

I SO know what you mean...really. It's like looking at that pool but the water is slightly cold, the best thing to do is jump in instead of dancing your little toes to skim the water. If I may say so, you may be surprised at how wonderful it feels. There is a certain innocence to just being free in nature, especially with a great beach to play in. One of these days, you should try it :}

Well I have done skinny-dipping before, but got undressed while inside the water. It did feel nice, and I've no doubt you're right that it's just like the whole jumping in the water analogy. Honestly, my greatest concern is, being male, that I might get a bit 'excited' and offend someone

Haha...I saw a few of those actually. Only briefly though as I instantly looked away. You know what though...it's all under the umbrella of 'it's human'. I bet after a few of those, you will neutralize yourself and just relax. Personally, once you just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, everything just works out :}

This was a beutifully written story!!! You caught the spirit quickly, and I am proud for you!!! I am going to the beach next week and upset that some of it will be textiled. I crave the feel of the sun and breeze against my bare skin (and no sand trapped between my skin and clothes)<br />
<br />
Enjoy and hope you go again soon