Bare With Me

I went to a nudist beach for the first time in 1975 and I have not worn trunks at the beach since then. As you might know, it it legal to bare it all at all Danish beaches except two on the West Coast. And we do have 7.000 kms of coastline.

This first time was after a party in the small town of Tisvilde in Denmark. I was responsible for a bunch of trainees including two girls from Israel and Canada respectively. The previous day I had asked some of the trainees, whether they wanted to go to the nudist beach the next day. Only these two girls were positive, but strangely they had different opinions about how they would go: The Canadian girl said she would only go if somebody else went with her, the Israeli girl said she would only go if nobody else went. She wouldn't want others to see her, except strangers on the beach who didn't know her.

I think you will still find that many people - who really want to try the naturist life style - are very aware of what others might think. If I get to a beach - not necessarily a dedicated nudist beach - and drop my clothes, many of the others do the same seeing me. So in many ways it's a question of who goes first setting an example.
janchr50 janchr50
66-70, M
Sep 6, 2012