Only Once...

On holiday once, when I went to see my cousin in Danmark, one day we all decided to go to the beach, it was unplanned, so we didn't have costumes or towels, once on the beach, my cousins both girls just ********, as I watched, I started getting a *****, and they just giggled, I saw everything, they waited for me, so I couldn't back out of it, they stood there fully naked, so as I pulled my pants down, they saw my big *****, but then I just ran into the sea, to try and make it go down, the cold water did that, at least, I was so embaressed...
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

New experance can be embaressing that way. But in a short time the embaressment will leave and shame will leave as well.

Right! Of course you would get a big *****, especially if they were both pretty. Perfectly natural. No need to be embarassed, especially since you saw them first.