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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

1.Village people
2.Ra ra rasputin?(Never heard it)
3. Don't know..but that band is cool
4. Stumped again..
5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG! Please tell me who this is? I forgot!
6. I've heard it before.. your body my body everybody move your body
7. "born to be alive" yes!
8. Heard it..is popcorn the singer?
9. IS that the Beegees??
10. I've heard it :) Gay club song :D
11. Funkytown duhhhh .LIPPS Inc
12. "It's a war" by Kano?? Never heard it
13. Up and down..nope
14. get up and believe..nope
15. sounds familar
16. The Creepy video song!!!
17. Knock on wood! Amy Stewart? ...woohoo!
18. Good times by chic
19. rappers delight..that song goes on forever...he goes into talking about a nasty dinner he had at his friends house O_o
20. Que idea? LMAO! Never heard...italian disco?
21. Double dutch bus!!! :D
22. omg...tom tom club..I forgot this? trippy
23. needs more cowbell
24. and 25. guess I missed a couple