I Do Scare Off Men.

Hello All,

I am one of those attractive women who does scare off men. Yet, I am at an age where I am desparate for marriage and kids. Yes, that is one thing that turns a man off is  marriage and kids. And besides, it'll be three years until I turn 40.

But I just don't understand why some men are turned off by the mention of marriage and/or kids. Of course there are commitment issues and financial issues when it comes to both.

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You forgot about one thing and that is age. I'm almost 40, there's not that many women in their 40s that have kids. Men should understand this as well. There are some men that do understand that women have that clock banging.<br />
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And I did wait and tell one boyfriend about wanting to have kids (It was probably three months after I ask him and he said maybe), and then he ran away.

I think what scares men off is when women start talking about marriage and kids too early in the relationship; they feel like you're trying to trap them. It's not that they don't want the role of husband and father; it's just that they are not sure yet if they want it, or if they want it with you. Sometimes, if you move too fast or come on too strong, men may feel pressured and feel tempted to run away. If you wait until you've been in a relationship for a while and are comfortable with each other ( and feel more confident that you are the right ones for each other), the prospect of marriage and children is a lot less likely to make a man turn and run. <br />
I believe you can get the man you want. However, he won't just show up on your door and ask for a date. You will need to put yourself out there and act like a magnet drawing him to you. Make a list of all the qualities you want in a man, and then put yourself in places where such a person would likely hang out. It's important to select, not settle. Be a chooser, not a begger. An attractive woman like you deserves only the best. If you want children, it's important to get a man who likes kids and is good with them. I don't mean to bore you or sound preachy; I just wanted to give some suggestions on how you can finally get the happiness and life you want. I wish you the best!