I Never Thought I Was Gay

i have xdressed all my life and never wanted sex with men at all,the internet arrives and most nearly all sites for xdressers contain stories and images with xdressers having sex with each other or men...some with wifes but this is usually the wife having sex with real men and her sissy husband being forced to watch or do cleaning up duties.i do now have pictures of sissy and sissy.sissy and men which i find arousing no wonder my wife thinks that i would given the chance have sec with another dresser,truth is it does excite me only when dressed but im not sure i would go through with it if you pleasue yourself looking at images of xdressers with their privates exposed which i do but have no arousal at pictures of nude men at all ....am i gay my wife has told me she would kixk me into the street dresses and all
rachelusissy rachelusissy
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2 Responses Jun 20, 2011

You make a really good point here...virtually every where you can find pictures or video of crossdressers interacting sexually...it's usually with other crossdressers, men, sissy situations. Even on television...we don't see the typical crossdresser...we see tranny prostitutes. <br />
<br />
That's just how it is.

i dont know i have my own issues, in my late teens and twentys i started to fantisize, i pushed it away, cause i was married, that did not work out, so when i was single i tried it and WOW factor, but pushed it asside, found another women, that did not work again and ventured out again, and loved being wth a man, tried again to push it away, now i am married and cant stop thinking about it, ?????