My Two Cents Of What Is Worth, May As Just Beat My Head Against The Wall.

Jeez, some of you must be brain dead who think that males who dress to just be themselves are gay.

Gays are gay because they love the same sex who dresses as the same sex, male with male, not male with a male in a dress.
If I was gay why the **** would I go after a guy in a dress if he thinks he is a girl or wants to be a girl, if I wanted a dress would go after a female.
You are getting your neurons crossed and thinking that bi-sexuals are gay.
Take it from me. I have never been approached by a single gay because they think that we transgenders and crossdressers are sitting on the fence wondering what we are.
The gay and lesbian communities DON'T WANT TO KNOW US and tell me why I am wrong.
I lost count of the bisexuals that have approached me and no I have not accepted a single one if is a male, females different story and even Bisexuals are treated bad by the gay and lesbian community.
Trust me, I have tried to join their support groups to find events to go to dressed up and there is nothing, zero, zilch, No f**king anything and no Gay Drag queens are not crossdressers or transgenders who dress to just be themselves, that is entertainment and entertainment only.
And I am talking about so called Gay, Lesbian and Transgender support groups, they just add "Transgender" just for political correctness.
I also know of a popular gay club that the crossdressers fought very hard to get in and have their night out in the club.
So dont tell me that crossdressers are gay and gays love us, Phttttttttttt to that.
The ones who do dressup and think that they are gay are very confused by the reasoning that 'I am male who likes to wear dresses and feel girlie, girls wear dresses and girls like males so therefore I must be gay" phttttttttttt to that.
We are just tolerated by the gay and lesbian community and that is the extent of it.

So in conclusion.
If I was gay, why the hell would I dress up as female and get treated bad by the ones who I think would like me, want me.
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Never ever considered myself gay crossdresser since I was 13 loved being feminine so much started herbs estrogen massage to develop breasts and feminine hip less hair softer skin went on for many years to the point that 90 percent of my wardrobe is female then strange things started happening in started looking at men'differently started woneeding what it would be like to be with one one evening I went out feminine to a bar drank too much went home with a man to my surprise I didn't hesitate performing totally female realizing I enjoyed it terribly since then I have been with several men always b as c a b woman never as bf a man don't know if I'm gay or just becoming a woman

You are becoming a woman because you identify yourself as a woman.

75 percent of the time I dress play make love almost like a woman but 25 percent of the time my feelings are male

I find it mind boggling that in the era of the internet and social media, why some people still assume that crossdressers MUST somehow be gay. As you said, a gay male is attracted to another male...not a male dressed up as a female. There are some gay crossdressers out there...and I'm not referring to drag queens. But gay crossdressers are the minority among the male crossdressing population. Crossdressing is not the difficult to understand. We really enjoy the look and feel of women's clothing - plain and simple.

wow i thought i was the only 1 who thought theres nothing wrong w a man dressing like a girl im so happy im not the only 1 xD

When you take that first step outside in public dressed up and make friends with both males and females you will find, as I have, that there are many who think there is nothing wrong with a male dressing like a girl.


thx 4 tellin me tht! :)

I've been around a bit and can attest to most of what is being said here. Simply, when you are a part timer (it's very possible that this is what you are supposed to be), those groups which call themselves open and accepting of an others diversity, are quite removed from anything even close to open and diverse.<br />
<br />
I won't go to transgender support groups any more because most there are "In transition" or "in the closet" I'm comfortable with who I am and that makes them uncomfortable to be with me.<br />
<br />
On a positive, I have a BFF girl friend who is a lesbian and accepts me, but she is also a person who is comfortable with herself. Her friends accept me, but I'm sure aren't overly crazy about me and of course you keep hearing the "I don't get it" from them. Perhaps in a polite way they are trying to empathize.. But It really irks me, that we have to be open to them (they have their closet spaces as well) but they are completely free to be condescending towards us.<br />
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When I hear someone say "I don't get it?" Some times I just want to yell back.. "Because your not trying, or you don't want to. Make up your mind!"

I hear you. I do know a few gays that are excepting of me and they know why and get it when I say I am getting in touch with my feminine side. I dont know any lesbians that I have talked to yet and know what they think of me. I know a few bi-sexual females who are quite happy with me in dresses and excepting even as a lover. Over all so far I think I am a bit lucky that the friends I have told have not changed their mind about me. Some even approved. One just walked away when I did tell her but are still friends and approachable.

Thanks Robyn for your feed back. I'd also have to agree with the best case scenario for someone getting it is a bisexual female. I was fortunate enough to have dated one for a while, I never had to explain me.

It's a crying shame that we can not find groups that look down at us all because we are not EXACTLY like them. I know what it's like, first hand to be told that you are not wanted. I went to see my sister, who is a lesbian and wass told that if I wanted to come back that I would have to present as a male but never a female. Her excuse - it might make my friends uncomfortable.<br />
<br />
I have a gay cousin who looked at me one day and said,"I hear you're one of them." When I asked him what he ment he just looked at me like I was stupid and said "You of them that can't make up their minds as to who or what you should be."<br />
<br />
I haven't seen him since and the only time I go to my sister's house is when family come in to visit.