Crossdressing Is Not Necessary Gay

When a man crossdresses it's mostly for the feel of wearing feminine clothing. Silk panties bras etc and after a brief period or after masterbateing there removed and it's back to the girlfriend or wife.Myself I started dressing when I was 6yo and it was never about sex I really enjoyed being a girl. I don't regard myself as gay but as transgendered because my feelings are more feminine than male. I'am attracted to men but not as a male to another male but more as a female to a man.
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2 Responses May 1, 2012

I agree, not necessarily gay; crossdressing can be very confusing. love the feeling of nylons and lingerie, but don't have the urge to go out in public fully dressed. like to be with another crossdresser or another bi guy when I'm dressed, but not otherwise.

I the same, I once had a gay affair can not get the feeling out of my mind.