Only The Close-Minded Do!

Clothes does NOT = sexual preference!

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5 Responses Feb 19, 2009

To all that don't understand about crossdressing, here is the scoop.<br />
Crossdressing doesn't have anything to do with sexual prefence.<br />
All people are born with both sexes within their genes. The dominate genes develops into the gender sex. With all the scientific BS outta the way, I'll give my persective.<br />
Of course not all Crossdressers are Gay. Many and even most are straight. They have had the feeling within them all of their lives. At a younger age many are confused and even grew up thinking they were gay. When a young boy wants to be pretty and feels girly, wants to have all the pretty clothes he watches his sisters or pretty girls on TV wear. It is a confusing time for a child. With NO sexual desires at the time he just wants to feel feminine, he can't explain it. At the time I grew up the uneducated public would have labeled me as gay and left it at that. People feel the need to hate anything they don't understand. It's easier to condem others views than it is to try to understand. I have been guilty of this as well. <br />
I am a well built, muscular, straight, good looking man who has never had any kind of Gay experiences, I have been happily married for many years and consider myself very lucky to be the man I am, but the kicker is I love to crossdress and have stopped trying to suppress my feminine side because I just can't she has been with me all my life. I can try to live in denial, but it's not healthy for your soul to try to suppress yourself just to fit in to what other think you should be. Are you living your life for them or are you living it for yourself , because when it's all over you don't what to think about anything you didn't get to do. I was born with the love of crossdressing within my soul, so I do it with no regets. I wasn't born with the need to bungie jump so I don't worry if I died before trying it.


I am straight and old fashioned as one can get, but may I comment?<br />
You have nothing, other than yourself, to worry about.<br />
For years, females have been wearing male clothing as a sign of toughness and independence. They were called tomboys. Most grew up to be models, housewives, actresses, etc.<br />
Society has caused the labeling of actions that they fear that may become common. Remember, J.Edgar Hoover was a cross dresser.<br />
If you want to cross dress and keep your identity, go for it.<br />
If you wish to do both cross dress and be gay, it's your life. Only you can live it.

I am a dresser!...I am not gay!,But,I prefer to be as <br />
<br />
Fem.As possible!..I love women,but noT essentially for sex 'it<br />
<br />
doesn't worry me!

Yes that is true but most of us are Bi or as I put it trisexual if it has to do with sex I try it!! I love being the submissive one in any relationship!