I"M a Crossdresser, Am I Gay?


i think, the short and incorrect answer to that is, "yes". why do  i say this? because none of us are all one way. i, at least am gay sometimes, straight sometimes, asexual sometimes, and a dum a***s sometimes. the best way to describe me is i'm bi and i crossdress when i want to be femenine either because i want to be loved like a woman or when i want to be dominated by a woman. when i told my future wife i wanted to wear panties and bras she asked me if i was gay. i told her that when i was dressed like that i was. i, also told her that when i dressed like that she would be in complete control over me. then she asked me if i was gay when i was dresses as a man. i told her i was straight (i also added she would still be in complete control) during those times. i know i'm more gay than i care to admit and i also know that Mandy knows i'm more gay than i care to admit. because of that, she has made sure that in our private lives she lets me be female most of the time and makes sure i get my loving the womanly way. that's why i love her so mutch. i'm a crossdresser, am i gay? YES, I AM!!!!!!!!.......................................................most of the time.

mielcaliente mielcaliente
61-65, M
Oct 1, 2009