Cd 's Not All Gay

Many CD's don't are not attracted to men they don't find them sexually arousing but many cd's just love the way woman's clothes feel and some like to act feminine but are attracted to woman and many really want to have a good relationship with a woman and may feel closer to their woman if they are dressed like one and a better relationship can grow (ie You actually enjoy shopping with you girlfriend and she loves it) this also said not all woman want a CD but back to the root question in my experience most CD are very Heterosexual and many Homosexuals don't want to be CD's

If you disagree with me please inform me I am open to discussion.

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You hit the nail in the head. Its true, most of the CD's are not gay, not even the sightliest desire to be with man, okay have others, who are want that kind of desires. As previously said, and I share that idea, many man wear female clothes, because they are much more softer, looks better... In the another end, the transgenders, who are pre- or post-op are still want to be with women, yes have those who are want to be with man. The nature is so diverse, the society should be learn this. I share the idea, those men who are good relationship with their feminine side, can be a better partner.

Ding, it sure centers me and makes me feel at peace with the world. Sort of helps smooth out the oaks life always seems to have. Today Im at home alone doing some laundry and getting ready for a quick trip out of town... enjoying some suntan hosiery and a black mini tennis skirt. I feel great despite all the work I've donw and have yet to do :)

Kinoc, you are spot on... women's clothing has that extra dimension that men's doesn't, its how the material makes you feel. I tend to think crossdressing has less to do with sexuality and more to do with sensuality. Those lines of course get blurred as the human psyche is complex and diverse, but I think what draws certain men to sexy female clothes isn't sex (sure wasn't for me, I was 6). It may turn that way later or be fetishized for some due to the taboo or other factors.<br />
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Thanks for chiming in! Love to hear other perspectives :-)

I'm a gay man but I love to dress in women's clothes. Its not a Sexual thing nor is it a Gender Identification issue. I just prefer to wear female orientated clothing. I find that most female clothing looks nicer and feels better than men's clothing. Women's clothing also commonly comes in nicer materials. It is extremely hard to find men's clothing in materials such as satin or silk, so I often make do with women's clothing. Yes I do wear dresses, skirts and lingerie but I find that they are are a lot more comfortable than jeans, shorts or any male underwear. Once again the types of materials used become a large factor in my choice of clothing.

Its a common misconception that CD's are gay. Like you say most CD/TV's are hetero. Some are hetero-flexible but I thing there's probably more trans gender issues under the surface in those cases.<br />
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Its odd because like you say most gay men have no desire to dress like a woman.<br />
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Me personally I enjoy the way female clothes make me feel, but I'm not attracted to men at all.

I agree for me I feel that it's like unbutting your pants after big meal .<br />
I know we all have are reson for cross dressing .<br />
But one thing for sure for me is I don't do it for a man in my life.