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Cigar? Cuban? Attrative? Damned right.
Actually, this is the BEST of these experience, ever!

My girlfriend and I had the outing... years ago. We had dinner out and went to a concert....saw Willie Nelson *smile* Anyways....I bought two huge cigars named, ...grenadiers. lol... After dinner we lit up in my jeep and laughed at the sight of us... we were downtowners! The cigar was quite nice.

Looking good, Breezy. Even though it's August, I still like the Christmas bow in your bleached hair.

I am cool looking ain't I Lilt?! ;-) sigh... I love my bright's my favorite one. Dig those shoes... If need be, I can hit the streets in a dead run... really *smile*

grandma get off the internet lol

hey sonny-boy... you best be nice or this grandma will hit you with her cane ;-)

So attractive

I am, ain't I! *smile*

No.... You are beautiful and spoken for.

Lol... hug.. Thank you dear. Yes I am spoken for. *smile*

Well.... I guess I was a little too hasty with my NO. When we walk down the street I catch men half your age watching you. Your hair all the way to your back side is eye catching. The first time I saw you, you were walking away asking me to follow..... I would have followed that butt anywhere :)
I would talk about those beautiful breasts, but the lady with those red dots is still around here just waiting :)
Lets talk about those eyes that actually change color as your excitement grows the gold comes out.
Those lips are something that I can not resist day or night and I know others find those attractive, but they are mine, mine, mine...
Do we want to talk about those hard sexy legs? Tough they are mine as well :))
Do not know anyone that is more attractive than you. Now get back in the house. I moved us out int he middle of nowhere so others would not see my most prized treasure.

Well dear... The workers coming and going here.... I don't think you hid me well enough. lol... Don't give me that... you always take me out to places and strut with pride as you walk with me! That brings great joy to me to know you are so proud. Thank you. pssttt... flattery will get you every where my love.... Feed (hug)XX

I am very proud of you; and yes I do feel pride in myself that I could catch such a wonderful woman, who is so very beautiful inside and out. XO

Mirror images... WE are... you are one fine man my dear. You are a champion *smile*

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