What do you all think?
I am very shy and could do with some confidence, so constructive comments would be helpful
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I had read some of your other stories before I came to this one. In my mind you were attractive before I saw a picture of you. Your personality was attractive. Even the most beautiful people can be ugly inside, you seem to have beauty in both.

I rhinknyounare very very attractive :) but the eyes do tell a lot. Missing those

Look good to me.

fing iot

very much so!

I think you look beautiful

You are hot!

Only ....A LOT!

Wow gorgeous!

Daaaamn you are pretty cute ;)

Very pretty and lovely

but wat if we dont like how you look its like your telling people to lie plus the glasses is covering too much of your face


You do not look like a child.... and believe me when you are 40 and still looking 28 you will be very happy. you are stunningly beautiful and I am sure you must really know this. maybe more photos of you would be a good idea.... believe me you get men hot and horny with just a glimpse. Pick your man carefully, there are many on offer to you, almost any man that gives you eye contact could be yours. So pick one that knows about life, has lived some, learnt respect, and has good qualities and ambition in life. Someone that will take you with them on the experience of life, and make your dreams come true while you are his dream x people would marry you tomorrow for your looks alone. Anyway, have a good day x stay safe

You are beautiful. Enough to get a fit guy to row you about on a nice summers day.

You are a lovely looking lady

You're really very pretty. Have confidence in yourself :)

Yes !! But enough about you - let's talk about me....................

Yes you are, beautiful


You are a lovely looking lady

You are a hottie - yes

Your definitely cute😍. Message me please i would like to get to know i


Text 8506944847

Hello beautiful

You're beautiful!!!

Yes, you are a very attractive young lady. I do hope that you allow yourself to accept it and that you gain the confidence to let both your outer and inner beauty shine.


Holy ******!!!! (I bleeped it out myself) dayum!!.... Your really stunning... wish can see your eyes though but aside from that I give the 100/10