On a scale of 1-10... How attractive do you think I am..
Enpfor12 Enpfor12
18-21, F
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1-10 u r 11

Wow your adorably cute

Wow ! Beautiful!


Come on know, you know your attractive😑

9 pretty eyes

Thanks, I'm already almost 18, I think I'm more beautiful on the inside than out (inside is what counts most). My smile and eyes are my favorite features. Not fishing for compliments, just looking for an honest opinion.

You are beyond attractive. Your a gorgeous girl.

Marry me. That should answer your question

You are off the scale at 100 you are attractive and sexy

When you get older you will knock peoples socks off! ;)

Your smile alone is a 10

Agreed on her smile

A heartfelt 8

Definitely attractive. I like your hair, purple is my fav color. And your ears are so pointy. Tbh not a great pic tho, your face is like half cut off.

Nah it's aright I agree, my ears aren't actually pointy haha just look like it in the pic..

You have purple fur?

It's a unicorn pillowpet

It is bae

Nope I don't have a bae

It's my bae

Alrighty theb


Hey based4ever, why don't you go hit on some other girl, preferably in real life? Leave her alone and stop trying to pick girls up on EP.

I made a comment about her pillow pet ...

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Ur a 10 bby dolls