I just feel insecure about myself and my body, and I'm tired of guys who want to hit it and quit it, my last boyfriend left me for a ***** that he said looked more sexier and could do more for him....... I'm so pissed I want to pimp slap both they *****..... But I feel so confused .
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gorgeous girl

You are so damn sexy!

'Tired of ************* who want to just hit it n quit it'
Lolz that's real............

You are truly stunning!

Yep whip their ***** good!


Your most welcome x

he is fool seriously i wouldn't leave you for any one not for billion dollar, and yes you are Breathtaking

U're Attractive ;) !


Yes love, your a very attractive woman

I think you are adorable.

Let me tell you something. They were fools.
You are a very beautiful woman and you sound like you have a lot of heart. You should not feel insecure about your body either. From what I see it is fantastic. You should not put yourself down like that.
You will meet the right man for you one day, just remember the man form EP that told you so. :) HUG

Oh my gawd!

You are absolutely gorgeous (seriously) and it's obvious that you aren't dumb either. So, you know what? Let them have their fun, you'll have what you deserve (which is something great) in due time.

Fuckem both! You can do better.

Maybe he can't handle your great personality. Cause no straight guy would dump a masterpiece like you

What an *******!!!