I just want to no if I am or not so please tell
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My dear...if there aren't a lot of people telling you you are gorgeous all the time then it has to be pure jealousy. You are absolutely stunning.

Yes, very attractive ;)

Beautiful :)

10/10 yes!


Sorry for me personally you will have to send me your full picture if you want an answer. Posting your mouth and nose and asking if you're "attractive" makes no sense to me, and Attractiveness is you as a whole i.e your person and your personality. Ask if you are 'Pretty' if you are concerned about how you appear physically. But even then You post a picture of half your face. I just don't get why people do this.

Sorry for the rant, Phahahaha!!

It's still my whole face

Whatt? your joking right? It's a nose and mouth, and your asking are you pretty. Seriously do you not see the problem here? the only reason most guys here are telling you your pretty is because they are pervs or want something from you.

I'm saying this not because there's anything wrong with you, but simply because you cant tell what a person looks like from a half of a face.

Honestly you look like the average teen as portrayed by mass media, and based on your poses in this photograph you know the answer already.

Your really hot.


So much make up! Girl, you don't need all that make up on your face to be pretty :)



It's not that much makeup. LOVE IT

Cute as a little button