so I got friend zoned by this girl I really liked. It really hurts.

Im also confused as to why she did it. She was always telling me she was looking for a boyfriend, but hadn't quite found the right guy. I tried to be that guy as well as be myself. I think it may have been my looks, but i would really appreciate your opinion on my apperance and the situation im in. Any response woulod be greatly appreciated : )
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Honestly I think you look like a beast, and you have this sweetness to you face, like a innocent, or nice guy would have(kind of like pureness) that when I look at you I feel like I can trust you instantly, or feel warm.

Not everyone gives me that feeling, so take it.

As for being friends zoned, I know how you feel, I have a guy friend who's being crushed at all these girls that reject him, and he'd come to me to distract him, call, play games with, have fun. He never saw me that way, despite the things I do for him.

I too, as a girl have been friend zoned. And this is pretty recent :/
So I know how you feel...really.

But one day you will find someone and she will too. Some girls are just GRRR even I agree. Don't think any less any of yourself though.
Keep your head held high, you should be with someone that makes you feel at the top. :)

I wish I was gay right now!!

Here's the thing. You're VERY attractive, but take this from a girl, just because we say we want a boyfriend doesn't mean we want just anyone. We're really picky tbh. Just be her friend, don't let her friendship be a consolation prize. You'll find someone amazing and so will she. :)

How did you ever get friend zoned?? O.o I'd kill for your looks man... Seriously lol

Why she friendzoned you, could be for a lot of reasons but I really don't think it was for your appearance, you're a perfect 10 ^_^

It wasn't your looks :)

The friend zone happens. Sometimes girls also want a different kind of guy than they like to say. I don't think it was your looks. You're damn cute. ;)

I'm not gay but you look nice