I want to know what you think of me and I'm single
kylescott1 kylescott1
18-21, F
11 Responses Aug 31, 2014

I think.... If I were far younger and single I would be trying very hard to change both of our status to taken. You are gorgeous, Sweetie.

Your eyes are so pretty, and your smile too.

Yes, your crazy sexy!

You most certainly are!

Wouldn't even rape 0:10

Pretty on a leash

and no I'm not a lesbian

You are physically attractive, for sure. But that is only a very narrow aspect of you so I don't know what I think of you.

OH yeah. You won't be single long if you don't want to be.

You are very attractive, great smile, great hair, great eyes! You'll grow up to be a beautiful woman! Best wishes!

Beautiful wow