You can be honest... I think I can take it?
DozerIsMyName DozerIsMyName
16-17, M
10 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Yes. Very.

Your adorable

Hot damnnn😍😍😍


You already look like a Marine. You look great!

Thanks!!! I can't wait to enlist. I can already run the 3 miles in 18 minutes and 100 crunches in 2:00 minutes



Your dad a Marine?

No but my grandpa was in Vietnam though

Bless him!

My dad is extremely supportive though

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Too young

Very cute... But young

Lol thanks ;)

yes (:

Thx :)

You're pretty attractive :)

Thanks ;)

Your soo cute lol >///



Real attractiveness is inside such as humor, compassion, honesty and many more.