I hate my stupid teeth .. Be honest, please
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Your teeth are fine and with eyes so stunning no one is looking at your teeth.

damn! very hot!

Lord, yet another amazing looking lady. Your teeth are like purls and you are very VERY attractive..and not to mention your beautiful blue eyes. Now..stop obsessing!

Your eyes O.O they are amazing... omg


You are beautiful:)

Your teeth are fine...I don't know what you're complaining about. :P

They just look like rabbit teeth, every time I'm trying to take photos with an open mouth 😒

Lies. Don't bring yourself down. They're great.


I think your teeth look fine. You are pretty. Please try not to feel bad about it.

You are very beautiful :D

whoa, ur skin! it's amazing..... and how old r u? :)

Haha thanks I'm 17 years old :-)

liar :P ... lol, kidding, u look so beautiful. i think i know how old u look. ;)

I really do not! :o
Last month I turned 17

ohhhh, happy belated birthday, sweetheart. :)

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Hey!! You better read this post chicka!! When I was 12 I ran up a slide and broke my two front teeth at an angle and I had to walk around school like that till my parents got the money. Point blank you look great no you look amazing!!

Same happend to me when I was 6 years old haha, but thank you :-)

Quite pretty

Very cute

You are gorgeous.... refer to previous statement. Call me when you turn 18.

Some people aren't fortunate enough to have nice teeth like yours. You're fine the way you are. :)

Oh my god your too cute :)

Do not lie.

Why would I spend time to lie that's my honest opinion your eyes are so blue it's like hypnotic and your smile is so cute :) You believe what you want but I think your cute

Oh thanks that's really nice :-)

Just calling It like I see it :p

Other people seem to have not the same opinion

One of the biggest things I've learned in life is to not give a **** what other people think just think positive and it will have great effects on your life :)

I've respect that people can say something like that cause I don't really have that much self confidence to be honest

I didn't use to it's all about how you think life is what you make it if you think positive even when things aren't going well your life will still be good when you think negative is when it starts to get you :p and you have no reason to be self conscious just be yourself your very pretty and seem like a good hearted person :)

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Your teeth are just fine...you have a beautiful face and lovely eyes

rabbit teeth , i find that was cute , many girls now want teeth like that (korean mostly) even they did surgery for their teeth

No you are not.

Yes indeed you are,, your eyes are beautiful ,,,, now remember these comments believe them and next time respect yourself a bit more

you know---this must be the NEW thing with young people----"oh please tell me I'm pretty"-----then they don't have the curiosity to reply-----soooo inmature!!

I'm always polite but did you see all that comments? I'm polite and I'm lazy, so I just answer my messages of some people who commenter here.

well that's good--now why not stop feeling like the ugly duckling(which YOU are not) and enjoy being YOU--remember beauty comes from within NOT the outside!!---P.S. like someone said just smile more AND there is nothing wrong with your teeth---at my age I'm just glad I still have them lol

Hahaha thank you !

your welcome--and glad you have a sense of humor--good luck in school this year----

Oh thanks I will really need this haha

again it's ok;how are your grades and do you have any college plans??

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You are absolutely beautiful and you have the most gorgeous eyes



Nothing wrong with your teeth

your pretty

Very beautiful, gorgeous eyes

You're beautiful. Call me when you're 18.

If you had any teething problem, it's not there anymore.

I had got braces but my teeth still looks like rabbit teeth..

You're just too conscious.

Nothing wrong with your teeth. And you are quite attractive.

wow you are stunning!! and dont worry about your teeth they're fine...just know when NOT to use them ;)

Truly, you are a lovely young woman!

Wow....you.....you are GORGEOUS :) <3

At your age I used to worry about how I looked too and I would always find something that I could fixate on and hate about myself. At one point I was too skinny, next I was too fat, next I had a big nose, you name it. Only with time I realized it was all in my head and there was nothing about my appearance to worry about. no one had a problem with my appearance but me. So let me be honest with you, you are a truly lovely young lady. Your teeth are beautiful. You have great features. You shouldn't worry about a thing.

teeth can be fixed rather easily, if you don't like them. I can see why you might find them embarrassing, but then, I don't think you need to worry about them. Your future does not depend on your teeth.

Those teeth and that smile, perfect gorgeous smile.

Dont see and snaggle teeth...

I don't see anything wrong with your teeth. You look beautiful. That's me being honest.

You're very pretty! And your teeth are nice and pearly. :)

Them eyes 😍👌

model quality

I think you're perfectly lovely, beautiful, in fact. Conventionally and societally as well as spiritually. Coming from a former EDNOS sufferer, I beg you to get help. It doesn't matter if you aren't dangerously underweight, but your mind is ill if you think that starving is the only way you can be happy. I know you probably hate me for saying this because I've been where you are before, but I can only speak the truth. I have come out on the other side of all this darkness, and it is beautiful. There is so much waiting for you if you can realize just how beautiful you are because you are a human being, one of God's own miracles. So please, if not for you, for me, just talk to a professional. You are beautiful, inside and out, and you deserve to know and believe that for yourself. Sending you all my love xx

I won't hate you for this, I hear this kinda everyday but you've to understand our side of thinking
It's like you don't like something in you're body too and you want to make it better. Some people go to the doctors to get another nose or bigger lips. I just want to lose some weight since I can accept my body as it is!

Maybe I've misunderstood what having anorexia means to you. When I was suffering from my eating disorder, I wanted out more than anything. I wanted the voices to go away so I could be normal. I hated the fact that I couldn't just relax enough about calories to go out for frappuccinos with my friends, or that I'd sometimes skip social events for exercise. I just wanted to be a normal girl, and not care. My eating disorder made me feel like a freak. I wanted out, but my eating disorder wouldn't let go of me until I sought help. If having an eating disorder is something you enjoy, then I suppose you're set for now, because you know as well as I do how difficult it is to stop. But promise me you will when you reach your goal weight?

I promise!

Thank you. Because my heart would break if you had to go through the mental torment that I did. As long as you're doing this because you want to, not because you have to. And if this is voluntary, please don't call it anorexia. I'm not trying to be harsh, but if you have any choice at all in your eating habits (as opposed to being slave to the compulsions associated with this serious mental illness), please do not dishonor the memory of my late friend and countless others who have fallen to this disease by naming your way of life after their cause of death. Whatever you are dealing with, remember that you are beautiful, and that love heals all ❤️

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Well im thinking a 7-8 out of ten. :)

I have hair and eyes and teeth like that

You teeth are lovely

teeth look fine to me, and VERY white! Pretty jealous! You're very pretty


Your beautiful