Don't worry I smile :) let me know what you think :D
kwill754 kwill754
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Well duh! Either you like being reassured or your friends haven't told you enough! You are ******* gorgeous

That's a very pretty towel in the corner.
(And yes you're cute and seem like a decent person haha)

Haha xD yeah my mom likes to buy a lot of things to decorate the house and thank you :)

Well your mom has awesome interior design sense xD ^__^

I'll let her know that next time that topic comes up :p xD

Haha those towels seriously remind me of autumn. They actually look really similar so something I think we had a long time ago xD

Maybe she got them from you guys :o

What if she's the one who stole it from my house? That would explain why they went missing!!! 0--0 xD

That explains the ninja tools in the house :o xD you should message me :)

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