I know I shouldn't worry about what I look like but sometimes you need a little confidence boost.
slaneo slaneo
18-21, F
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Whoa my goodness freakin gosh pumpkin log oatmeal Mexican stew mushroom salsa cooked meal by my mother!! You look un real, that's how amazing u look!

Absolutely beautiful!!!

I think so


you look very attractive to me.

U are super beautiful and cute 😍

No you are not attractive......your smoking hot!


why does everyone in this circle take pictures of half their face? I can't tell but I would love to actually tell you the truth but with only half a face this is really hard. from what I can see though you seem to be attractive.

You're trouble.

you're ugly.

And you're a piece of **** <3

You're a fucktard.

you are a little **** who is too young to know about if a woman is attractive and you can't even see all her face. You probably woke up this morning thinking, "I am tired of all this people and feel like hurting someone anomalously online." Well you need to get off your stupid hormone high and not do this when people are actually looking for someone to tell them the truth.

What's your nationality

I'm half asian and half english

That's cool I'm trying to find and Asian to date there beautiful

You think you can date her?

No too young

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Your pretty