I don't care if i'm attractive but i just wanna you to tell me if if u like my style wearing those clothed do i look good in them or not :) (this picture was taken in my sister room sorry for the bed behind me ) :P
DarkHawkSLO DarkHawkSLO
18-21, M
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Are those slippers ?

Ya xD

I think you look ******* smexy as ****!!

Thx you bro :)*

Haha np

Its ******* 5am and i steal didn't go to sleep fml ugh😤😤😤😤

Lol so sleep then bro

Can't haha don't no why

Lol. Wanna talk with me till you do?

Sorry falled a sleep :P but we can talk today :) if u like u seems a really cool person :)))))

Lol yeah sure man

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I feel like I've seen you before xD but yeah you're attractive

Awh thx u :)*

You're welcome :) were you ever on TV?

Yep i was 1-2 times on tv but like 1-3 years ago i don't remember the Series but i think they canceled those shows i really can't remember right now i will tell u when i do :)

Oh okay nvm then xP

Omg u were on Tv??!?
Lucky ahh😔😫

Yep i was but like 2~3 years ago :) i wan in iCarly in Slovenia studio :)

Hahaha will tell you if i remember but i can't think right now its 3am omg gtg to sleep night ;)*

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Ur kinda hot.. But, I really don't dig the jeans

Thx you! :) What do u mean by dig i can't translate this word

Is English your first language

Nope i speak 4 languages English was my 3rd

That's awsome, anyway, I just meant that I don't like the sky blue jeans

Ah this haha xD i don' wear them a lot just than when i'm in hurry and take the first jeans that i see or when i don't have any other jeans left :P

Haha lol, I do that same thing all the time, just, with different jeans lol

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