Comment my pics if u want. I mean I know im not like super ugly but still I wanna see how many ppl, and who, thinks im cute
craygurlcray craygurlcray
22-25, F
15 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I have to add you to my circle in order to see your pictures

From what I can see in your profile pic, you're stunning.

You have a very pretty face, but you are way to skinny, you need to gain weight, especially on your legs.

Umm no

Extremely pretty, you shouldn't even have to ask that.


You know, girls *can* be other things nowadays

What u mean

That there's too much emphasis on being attractive

you are cute :)

very cute ; )

Attention seeking?? I think so. You shouldn't have to ask others what they think of you to make you feel good

As human being we like compliments. They make us feel good.

Why is everyone saying cute she isn't cute she gorgeous


I can't see your pics to comment on and it's killin me!!

U look pretty and smart

Very cute:)

What am I looking at


You are very pretty