I mean I guess I'm just curious. I just would like some feedback. Mean or not do your worst. Not like it hasn't been said before :D
optimusPat optimusPat
22-25, M
14 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Yes your very attractive 😘

You're very attractive! :)

I like the glasses, I say keep them.

Ur kiddin right? Lol. Ur gourgeous, i love ur eyes and u look cute with ur glasses and facial hair. Idk why, but u look like a cute puppy.. Is that a bad thing? lol

Your eyes~ Your headphones~ Your adorable quirkiness~ Your hair~


You're really cute! I don't like facial hair, but I think it suits you great!

Yes you are very attractive!

Wow. I'm actually offended by your attractiveness.

There's nothing wrong and everything right about this picture. Glasses, great hair, great eyebrows, facial hair, nice eyes and the list doesn't stop there. Looking good. Keep doing what you're doing.

Thanks x)

You are very good looking I'd date you lol


Your head phones look really comfy

You're cute, I love your eyes

Thanks. This is my new profile

Oh aren't you a cutie. :O