Well actually, my dog wants to know if he's attractive or not. So what do y'all think?. (Ladies, he's single btw) 😏😉
DaltonCraig DaltonCraig
22-25, M
8 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Big dogs. My Kryptonite~

Your dog is so cute :3 And his owner's quite fetching, too ;D

Awh he's so cute!

I've always wanted a dog like that omgg. Where do you get them.?? :/

Smart kid!

Your both cute lol. But I can see how adding the dog in the pick allows you to show off your arms while not showcasing them. Good job on that part

Awwww! So cute

Does your dog like older woman ? Lol

Yes ma'am, he likes all ages to be honest haha.

Lol .. Ok then . he's is super hot !!!