Attractive or nahhhh lol ^^
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Very, very attractive!

For sure ;)

You totally are!

mmmm so sexy

yeah your are attractive and are you chewing gum? lol

i wish i was with u, but i know u have someone else.... and hell yeah, ur very attractive. :)

Absolutely - I say yes

Definitely attractive!

Very beautiful!

You are gorgeous!

Well on the outside but what about your inside?


very attractive

You fall into to the Oh **** YEAH! category.

Why would you need validation? It always bugs me when attractive girls ask if they're attractive. You should know. People treat attractive people differently.

really. how do u treat attractive *****?

How did you? People are more kind and generous and friendly with attractive people, generally. At the very least, they get more attention from people. Which, obviously, is what makes them attractive.

Really. How many attractive who red u faced?



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;) sure do

Yes very much


hello ho are you dear whats nup

How are you? Any plans for the day?

What's up man, you sucka!


Sometimes less is more... less make up and look a hundred times better... You really don't need it....

Are you looking for attention? You MUST know you're pretty :P

Yeah :)

You would be attractive if you didn't make such an odd face. O.0 Sorry.. I had to say it. But otherwise, you're pretty.

you are pretty!

I think you'd be absolutely gorgeous just totally natural!

A very pretty young lady

Very attractive

Beauty comes from within:)

Am I going to be the only one to point out the obvious? Sorry but this right here is not true beauty.
I don't want to be a bully, because I know bullying is not cool and it hurts (I was bullied for several years).
But, you have drawn on eyebrows, your eyelashes need to tone the frick down, and you just don't look natural.
Try not wrinkling your forehead, and smiling too.

This is my style to do my makeup, so why don't you just let all the flowers grow? If I don't do my makeup as naturally as others, does it give a reason for you to judge? Wake up.

Well then you shouldn't be asking if you're good looking or not.
Sorry, but if you can't post a picture without make up on, you're clearly not confident or pretty enough.

A Dumass she did post a pic without makeup on


ur nice and pretty :) you look so attractive honey

yes, you look nice

Sweet and yes I do for sure

Yes ur really pretty

I think so



i think your attractive

Id **** you

You are attractive. Beautiful.

everyone girl in the world is beautiful so u r really beautiful lol

Yeah you're very cute, you'll be a beautiful woman when you get older

do u have a lump in ur face?

Are you just a jealous bish? :)

Yes, without a doubt! I love make up too. I bet without it you would look great as well! Sometimes too much make can make us look older! But you go it going on Sista!



Duck u Kathy7777


I like your hair colour. That's about it I'm afraid.

Very attractive. You know that.

Very pretty love the hair

Attractive! :-)

Beautiful :)

Your ok :p..... Nah your a hotty

Attractive to the tenth degree ^.^

Your fit

Very attractive

Yesss you do ;)

Attractive, you go girl!

Breathtaking. Love your hair