Yo, do you all think I'm purdy or what? If not, how can I become attractive? XD
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70+, F
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U R Beautiful & i give a great full body massage

You are great for someone 70+ :) LMHO

Get hit by a bus.

It's a little hard to tell from the photo (you could only have one eye or something!) but it looks like you've got nice skin, a cute nose, and nice lips.

Both eyes are showing in the picture. At least on mobile.

Ah, I'm on my laptop so maybe that's why. I looked at your other photos and did confirm you have two eyes though :P

Your like super cute. How do you do that? :p

You look very pretty, attractive woman... how old are you may i ask? Pm me hon. Add me. Ps. Nice lips babe,love to see more

You won't see more and I'm 17.

Message received babe. I figured you werent 70. And its ok i'll wait

No you won't wait.

1000000% yes


From what I can see, nice!

You are very pretty:)

Being attractive depends on what's between the ears, not what's beneath them. If what's between them is ok then you'll take care of what's beneath them, and be an interesting person as well... :)

I'm an awesome but mad genius. This post is just about physical looks, though. >.>

your gorgeous



kinda cute.......

You just mean "perfect" by that.

lmao well i don't want you to get a big head!!!

but i only see half of you!

ok perfect!

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You're adorable young lady. Don't change a thing.

Your a cutie

You look nice

you're pretty hot for a 70 year old... ;)

Ohhhhh yessssss!!!!

be yourself hunny.. strange as it may seem there was actually a poll done to find out what men found attractive in weomen and guess what ...no it was not there *** size or hair colour...it actually came down to things like how comfortable a woman was with herself ...i mean that if you are being yourself and not trying to be this or that then the real you shines through and you feel confident / it's that they find attractive so yes by all means go to improove the exterior if it makes yo feel better but remember in the end what will keep your man is good old fashioned you

Bro, I'm not insecure or anything. I can get guys easily. I just felt like posting this.

Soo cute

beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)

Yes, indeed

woah lol jeez u r very beautiful, ur like idk an angel every girl is so

Yes, and you are going to get A LOT prettier, you have amazing high cheekbones and a delicate jawline and lips. They will probably come out and be more defined in a year or two.
You should watch Kandee the make up artist on youtube, she is fun and talented she has great ideas. and her bones are a lot like yours.
I don't wear make up but I used to like to watch her.

Your very gorgeous :) x

you look so sweet

You are super pretty!

yeah looking great for 70+

Look great for 70

That's not you

Then who the hell is it? The guy as my profile pic is a member of PTV, yes, not moi. As I'm a white girl. Not a Mexican dude. I'm talking about the other picture posted.

Your 70+ female :P


Lol my bad

Yes, yes it is your bad. >=(

I'm sorry if I have offended you. It was never my intent. I just wanted to mess around a little. In a friendly way. :)

Since that is you... Your very cute :)

Thank you. ^_^ lol

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