Yes, no? Im curious what your opinions are. Constructive criticism welcome.
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22-25, M
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You're a good-looking guy. I don't think that hairstyle suits you though.

Handsome af, and keep your hair like that 😊🙌


You know what. I was wrong. You're actually really hot AND keep being you and don't change for anyone. I'm so sorry for my previous response. That's my preference and that doesn't mean that you need to fit my preference. You're perfect

Don't ask such questions. People can be mean just for the fun of it. I do not how you would get a real response on a venue such as this one. Plus, it only matters what your future spouse thinks.

You're so cute, but you'd be hot if you cut your hair and put some regular jeans on :)

You look great!!! :)

Attractive to me cute