Well, Does It?

Ever since I can have memories I have thought that I am small. 

I remember being probably about 5 and going to the bathroom with my friend Brian and looking to the side and seeing that he was bigger than me. And not only was he bigger, but it was prettier!! He was cut, I wasn't (now I am). And from that moment on I became obsessed with size. 

Not helping matters was the fact that about a year or two later I saw my stepfather naked in all his glory (ie. hard). He is freaking Italian!!! That thing was huge!! It looked like a torpedo, standing perfectly straight out of his body. I was scarred. 

Fast forward to 8th grade when I became the pet student to my music teacher, who was gay. He was latino, tall and handsome. He actually looked like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. His package was very noticeable dropping down the left size of his leg. One day he walked into the classroom with a stain in the area of his very noticeable head. When he noticed he yelled "LECHE!!" ("milk" in Spanish....you get the idea). Then the end of the school year came and he asked me to come on a teacher planning day to help him grade papers. About an hour after  got there he asked me to lock the door because he was hot down below and needed a breather. He lowered his pants...that thing looked like an elephant's trunk!!! It was impressive! Then he grabbed his whole package and started fanning himself. I panicked and I ran for my life, never to see him again. 

Then I discovered p o r n and you know that they don't hire nobody small in the industry. You watch a movie or look at a magazine and you can't help to compare yourself. So I was always concerned about my size and I started researching. My research has taken a lot of years and many test subjects.   Here are my findings:

• Big feet do not translate into a bigger one. I myself wear size 10 1/2 shoes and I am only 6". I've been with guys that have big feet who are small or average, guys with small feet who were big, and guys with big feet who were big...so the shoe size theory is a myth. 

• A big nose doesn't mean that it is bigger in any shape or form. The size of the nose has nothing to do with the size of the head either...another myth!

• I have been with guys who were average to small who "took me to the stars" and I've been with big guys who totally bored me

• Bigger doesn't mean harder...which can be quite a problem 

• Thick is nice....but do stretching exercises first...a jaw cramp is not fun

• Longer allows for more advanced maneuvers as it provides a better hold...shorter keeps the bodies closer

• "Showers" are impressive, but growers provide nice surprises

• Don't believe everything that is advertised...usually deduct an inch or two and you will know how long it really is

• Size doesn't translate into fun

• My most important find, size doesn't substitute personality and chemistry

After all my research I realized I wasn't small at all.  

Enjoy what God has given you. More than size it is confidence that matters the most 

Feel free to share your own findings 

Ralphsnt69 Ralphsnt69
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5 Responses May 17, 2012

Completely agree. To me, I love holding a nice thick long **** in my hand..I just love the feeling of it. then the thought comes into my head...Is this actually going to fit and if it does..hwo will it feel?? Ralphsnt69 is correct, I have been with VERY big men and felt nothing but uncomfortablity but been with average men and its felt fantastic, However, the vice versa also applies. But i will tell you this...and this, again, for me, is without fail. larger men that are uncut has felt nothing but amazing!!

I'm glad this ended on a good note, because you seem like a great guy. You're not small at all. =^] In fact, youre a pretty great size in a lot of people's book. Big and/or thick can be nice, but a guy with a good size that knows how to use it, and has a good presonality, can be sooo much better!

A well-written essay on penis size! As we were growing up, the guys who showed off their dicks had the big ones, so we felt small. On becoming adults, we realized that maybe we were pretty normal after all, and that **** size didn't need to run our lives. There is much more to a man than his phallus.

I am perfectly happy with my size, I don't really like huge much anyhow. Someone with around a 6" is perfect for me, stays comfortable and pleasurable (I like the closer too *smiles*) Too long or too thick tends to push past pleasure and go to pain for me. In the real world, more men have between 6 to 7 inches on average.

I don't intend to start a war here, but statistically, the "average" penis is between 5 and 6 inches in length.

Close enough anyway.

Interesting story. Thanks for sharing. I think I am a grower instead of a show-er.