Rebels of course! for multiple reasons, the first being i hate goverment. all goverment. and the empire is a goverment.
but thats not even the main reason... the rebels (contrary to popular beleive) have an enourmous edge in the war. why you ask? think about it. space is BIG i mean so big that even all the stars in an entire galaxy, all the planets, everything, quails in comparrison to the empty space in that same galaxy. why does this matter you ask? because it means the rebels could, if they decided to, fight with asymmetrical warfare (aka guriella fighting). they could hit, and run into space where it would be IMPOSSIBLE to find them! they have no planets they need to defend! the empiure always has to return to a location and defend their planets, not so with the rebels. of course if they ever truly liberated a planet theyd have to defend it, but why liberate them? all it would do is make targets... but something like the empire? that hast to have a MASSIVE logistical strain. attack the logistics, recruit, breed (because its going to be several generations of warfare this way) clone if possible. but always, always always, attack the logistics of the empire. commerce raiding (aka pirating or privateering) could not only hurt the empire but help you, nibble at the edges of the army, attacking the fleets that would do the most damage for minimal casualties... eventually the empire would fall, and theres nothing they could do about it.
ofcourse thay wouldnt mean the rebels would nessecearily replace it, but theyd have the biggest fleet left, or atleast one of, and the empire would be gone
dracone1313 dracone1313
18-21, M
May 8, 2012