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I'm Dusk

You Are Dusk You are a naturally idealistic and creative person. You look forward to nights where everything is possible.
You spend most of your energy on play. Work is okay, but the true you emerges after the work day is done.

You're an offbeat type that doesn't like rules or schedules. Life's too short to waste at a desk in a cube.
Whether you spend your night socializing or working on side projects, you like that your time is yours.

Oh yes. I definitely prefer dusk. I'm a hard-core night owl and I like it that way. I absolutely abhor schedules, rules and routines. Life IS too short, so why not have fun? After all, I look forward to the nights, when anything is possible.

WinterMountain WinterMountain 36-40, F 8 Responses Apr 19, 2009

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Exactly!! What does she care? I'm in MY home and my husband doesn't care. It's weird the things people ***** about.

What these people need to do is quit trying to control peoples lives,I had to tell my mom and sister to just leave me alone.It would be different if I lived with them and was keeping them up,lol,but I live way ver here and as long as my husband doesn't get mad,actually he does it to know,lol!!We're the neighborhood night owls,lol!!!

Oh I know! My sister "D" the one helping make the candy. She's always getting on to me about my sleeping schedule. It's so annoying!!<br />
<br />
I mean, this is coming from a woman who has Always worked, to a me who has Never worked. I'm not used to schedules, she is! LOL

Well in the last few years actually since I quit the "herb",I started having big time sleeping problems.My husband used to make fun of me because he said that my head would hit the pillow and I was out like a light,lol.Now forget it,I don't even try,after I get off of EP,I go watch the tube for awhile and then usually fall asleep after an hour or so,then I wake up and turn off the tv.The good thing is that certain people like my mom and one of my sisters would get upset with me because I sleep in in the mornings and I go to bed sooo late.I'm like people mind your own damned business,it's my house,my life,jeeze,some people,lol!!

Ya, me too! LOL I can't help it. I've always been that way.

Yeah I was the same thing as you,I figured I would be and yeah,I think I go to sleep after all the night owls around my little town,haha!!!

It was fun! You're a bigger night owl than me. LOL

Yes,this does sound like you WM,now you know I have to go take this quiz,lol!!!