I Have Always Been A Right Minded Creative Thinking Person

I am more of a right minded person, I have always reacted on instinct from my visions of thought, I follow the flow of what comes naturally to me, I have always been a creative person, making, building, and drawing all that I see and hear in thought, I have always made quick decisions mostly at work. I am a foreman in the H.V.A.C. industry, I have been a foreman since the young age of 22 years old. I have be in charge of High-rise condominiuns projects. I have succeed in doing so for my whole career do to my decisions that have never come back to haunt me, and because of this I bring great profits to the company I work for. From my experience i can see right away a person who is more dominate as a left brain person because they will tend to be more analyitical over-analizing all thier thoughts, and in doing so sometimes i can see that they drive themselves crazy in worry.

I have taken the test and It is confirmed I am who I am.
I do however have a goal and that is to bring both sides of my brain closer together at a happy medium, because it will help in making better decisions in my personal life with finances, that is my weak spot, because I spend to much on instinct, and that has only created debt.

You Are 35% Left Brained, 65% Right Brained
The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

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51-55, M
Aug 8, 2010