I Have...

kissed anoher woman,been in love, dumped someone, had coworker pursuit me, seen something die,had crush on elder, have EP crush, been on plane and train, like someone i couldn' t have, watched clouds go by, made snow angel, had tea party,built sand castle, played dress up, jumpedin pile of leaves, cheated while game playing,.felt an earthquake, been cheated on, misunderstood,been in car accident, won contest, won good amount on scratch off ticket, squished through mud, hated how i look, cried myself to sleep, colored with crayons recently, done something i said i wouldn't do, made prank calls, blown bubbles,worn mens, clothes,had toungue stuck to frozen item,screamed at the top of my lungs,had interacial fling,wrote santa a letter, been tickled ALOT hehehehe,sang onstage with a group, nearly blackout from drinking and had indoor picnics.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

My God you've been busy! Several of those things I've never done, some I have......I called MYSELF a dynamo- YOU are the dynamo, I believe! WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!..........*gasping for breath* BUT- I LOVE you very deeply, no matter what! :-D Just wait till I TICKLE YOU!!!!! Hehehehehehehe!

cringing and hiding in corner. Learned a few things didn't you? o well, Happy smile. JW loves after all that mess!!! heheheheoxoxoxoxox and lotsa love.psssttt. go to sleep!

*Laughing so hard I might fall outta my seat!* Go to sleep? GOOD IDEA!!! Hahahahaha! ;-D *hugs and kisses until....*

singing good morning.w/ lotsa kisses and tiiiickles to make you laugh even more!!!! kootchy koo!!h